Hollywood California's JetSpeed Records Releases " Triple Helix"!!!!

Released by:JetSpeed Records Enterprises

Artists Cd is available now!!


July 26th 2004

Triple Helix is a hard rock band from Bloomington, Illinois with influences such as Tool, Metallica, and A Perfect Circle. They write original music with a blend of heavy, melodic guitar riffs, innovative drumming, and melodic vocals.

Triple Helix began as a few buddies from high-school looking to jam to cover songs. Once the entire entourage was formed, they decided to write original music. For Triple Helix, this happened in August of 2001 when they found their vocalist. Since then, the band finally grouped the true five members: Brock Hemsouvanh on vocals, Adam Dew on lead guitar, Chris Marshall on rhythm guitar, Matt Finney on percussion, and Derek Gilmore on bass guitar.

After writing and recording 10 original songs for their first album, Interstice, the band became anxious to get out and perform. They set up their first show at Illinois State University's Bowling and Billiards Center in Normal, Illinois. It turned out to be a huge success bringing roughly 400 people through the door.

After their first show and album, Triple Helix began writing new songs for their next album. While in the process of writing, Triple Helix played many shows around central Illinois and began to gather a sizable following of supportive fans.

In January of 2003, Triple Helix met with Studio Engineer Chris Adler at The Studio @ Interstate Music in New Berlin, Wisconsin to begin recording their second album, Stranded Within. They have performed at such notable venues in the Chicago area as Oasis One-Sixty in Chicago Heights, Illinois and 602 North in Glendale Heights, Illinois.

Triple Helix finished their second album, Stranded Within, by having it mastered by Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Studios in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in September of 2003. In December of 2003, Rev. Derek Moody featured Triple Helix for the third time on 96.7 I Rock’s Homegrown Spotlight with their song “Intrinsecus.”

In March of 2004, Triple Helix signed with Matt Rowe and Blue Jankey Entertainment, Inc. for management and booking.

“Triple Helix is a band that has direction and should definitely be taken seriously. I am very impressed with the dedication and seriousness they have towards their music. They are a very artistic, talented, and professional band, and above all, their music reflects their sincerity towards their art.” -Chris Adler, Studio Engineer at The Studio @ Interstate Music.

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Hollywood California\'s JetSpeed Records Releases \" Triple Helix\"!!!!

JetSpeed Records 1626 Wilcox #605 Hollywood, Ca 90028

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