Identity Theft Can Be a Family Affair and the Loss Can Run Into the Millions of Dollars

Released by:Sydney Dotson Productions

Female Corporate Spy Turned CSI Identity Theft Detective Sydney Newman Dotson Speaks about Identity Theft in Her Family

With James Bond music playing in the background, WFLA 1270 AM The Morning Show radio anchor Preston Scott introduced the former IBM Director of Corporate Business Intelligence, Sydney Newman Dotson, as a female corporate spy turned detective in Tallahassee Florida this morning.

Dotson's debut book, "No Greater Deception, A True Texas Story," skyrocketed worldwide to #1 on the Barnes & Noble Top 10 True Crime Biography Bestseller List this month in the U.S., Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain, Japan and China.

Did you know that 95% of all identity thefts are performed by family members on family members?

"Beware of wolves in your own backyard," says Dotson. "Putting your money in Citibank or Bank of America isn't going to protect you from identity theft today. There is no ironclad method to prevent identity theft today.

There's no need to go to Las Vegas to attempt to hit the jackpot. It's much easier for thieves to get rich by stealing assets from their relatives. It's more likely the perpetrator is a relative instead of a stranger. My stepmother is a thief and con artist that had years to plan her heist. She left a path of destruction behind her. she was blinded by greed and obsession.

Did you know how easy it is to create a second signature for a family member at any bank today? And, use that second signature to forge wills, life insurance policies, pension plans, deeds, titles, checks and anything linked to an asset? The financial loss can run into the millions of dollars as it did in my case.

"I refuse to be a victim of identity theft by my stepmother. I'm a survivor", says Dotson. "You can ruin my credit, but don't steal my inheritance. I hope sharing my story with others will help prevent future identity thefts, forgeries and fraud across the country."

"It's a real-life Texas Soap Opera of Love, Death, Betrayal and Justice," says Liz Carpenter, author and Lady Bird Johnson's WHITE HOUSE Press Secretary.

In "No Greater Deception, A True Texas Story, Dotson's stepmother forges several family members' wills, and is implicated in their mysterious deaths.

"I didn't know that anyone can purchase a notary seal at any office supply store today," says Dotson. "It's very easy to forge documents worth millions of dollars today. And seniors like my father are easy targets. Unfortunately he's not here to defend himself. So his children are seeking justice on his behalf."

Dotson has been seen on The NBC Today Show and PBS. She's currently speaking on television and radio station Talk Shows as an Identity Theft Expert. Detectives, profilers and handwriting experts are using her book as a textbook case study on identity theft and the criminal mind of a Black Widow forger.

"No Greater Deception, A True Texas Story" is available on and Barnes &

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