capital Has Had Enough Already

Released by:Dennis Paredes

All Natural Inc. recording artist capital D, sets a president today with his newest single, \"Enough Already\". This single is the first of his upcoming LP, “Insomnia”.

Miami, Florida US – July 27, 2004 – Today is the release of capital D’s new single, “Enough Already”. This international release on All Natural Inc. has been a long time coming after a 1 year hiatus when capital D reverted to Islam. “Enough Already” is the lead single for his upcoming album “Insomnia”, and expresses the issue that is clearly stated. capital D has had enough already with the so called tough cats and the sophomore gag rhymes that have plagued the Hip-Hop community. Many artists have come across this issue in their lyrics, but very few with the reputation and persona that capital D carries. As a positive individual in society, his aggressively charged single is a wake up call to the industry and those passionate about artistic talent and devoted to the Hip-Hop community.

capital D has completed his upcoming LP, “Insomnia” due August 24th on All Natural Inc. All songs are written and produced by cap D himself. This solo release shows personal views of capital D about issues that are current in our international public eye. “Vent”, the B side to this 12” single is currently impacting college radio in the US.

“The sound on this release is not the standard All Natural sound and done so on purpose. As a solo artist I have a personal way of expressing my ideas and art, which is truly done so on the new LP, “Insomnia”. You’ll get a personal taste of production, rhymes and most of all, my life.” – capital D

capital D, also a member of the Chicago based rap group All Natural, has worked with artists such as Slug of Atmosphere, Juice, J. Rawls and has toured Europe and the US. He has received plenty of notoriety in the independent music scene and is also viewed as a community public leader with his involvement in “Hip-Hop 101”, a 30-week workshop for youth, providing them with a creative outlet to express themselves in rhymes and spoken-word poetry. In addition he recently graduated from law school at the University of Illinois College of Law.

To listen to “Enough Already” by capital D that will be featured on “Insomnia”, please visit:

About capital D:
CAPITAL D, aka David Kelly, is one of hip-hop’s most prolific and coherent voices. Having written a book (FRESH AIR) and 4 albums, his impressive body of work speaks for itself. On his newest album, INSOMNIA (Fall 2004), cap D takes his largest artistic strides to date. For additional information, visit or call 1.786.277.7367.

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