launches new multi-channel integrated marketing and advertising solution.

Today,, a leading export import oriented web portal lunches new multi-channel integrated marketing and advertising solution aiming to help small companies from around the world.

This solution meets the increased need of small and mid-size enterprises (SME) around the world from affordable and flexible multi-channel integrated advertising and marketing solutions over the web. Today a simple banner advertising campaign or site inclusion is no longer enough to satisfy any marketing goals. A successful campaign could be such one that combines and integrates many different solutions and executed over variety of media channels such as Web, Wap and Email etc. while its duration is at least 12 months providing more flexibility and control over the whole campaign.

Whether you have a simple web site or a large number of products to be popularized, this solution can help your marketing efforts to achieve your goals within 12 months only.

To learn more please visit the following web section:

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