to expand globally by launching a Worldwide Franchise Program


Today,, a leading export import oriented web portal lunches new Global Franchising Program aiming to expand its presence internationally.

We are now actively seeking partners worldwide to quickly build the world's largest localized export-import network of web portals in every country around the globe.

After an in-depth research on the potential model to expand globally, we have stopped our attention on franchise business model as most suitable one, perfectly knowing that the localized portals could be managed more efficiently with local people living and working in the given countries around the world when being owners.

A global franchise program will let us expand seamlessly and cost-effectively around the world while all localized portals within the network will be kept dynamic, rich-featured with country-specific content, always in-time updated and more efficiently managed while at the same time our franchisees will benefit by dramatically reducing the cost of research, development and running its own Large Export-Import Oriented, Fully-Featured and Localized Portal with exclusive territory rights for their home countries but still being a part of a global EXIM network with common marketing strategy, brand and policy!

To learn more please visit the

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