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Released on: July 30, 2013, 8:14 am
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-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Wrought iron has been used for centuries in various forms; you can find it in famous structures like the Eiffel Tower and the gates of Westminster Abbey among many other examples. It was even used with some of the early forms of steel to manufacture railways and ironclad warships. However, the wrought iron used today on commercial properties in the form of gates or fences is actually mild steel. It is still made by being worked or wrought which is why it has kept the name, even though its properties have changed over the years.

Wrought iron today is made through a welding process that involves the fusion of various irons with specific levels of carbon. Due to this combination, wrought iron heats at a lower temperature than alternatives like mild steel, which means it is more malleable beneath the hammer.  This is why wrought iron can be worked into a plethora of different shapes and has been used in so many different ways.  But what really sets this material apart and makes it excellent for outdoor structures is its resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

One of the reasons why wrought iron is so desirable for structures like fences and gates is its weathering properties. It is stable and durable, able to resist rust due to the fibrous nature of the metal. Whether it's the blistering Arizona summer, wet monsoon season, or chilly winter wrought iron withstands all kinds of weather while maintaining its structural integrity. This durability means that most wrought iron structures like gates, fences or furniture will last for many years.  With wrought iron, there is the malleability to create a customized design, and the durability to ensure these designs last for many years. Neither of which is something that can be found with a wooden picket fence.

At DCS Industries, LLC, homeowners will find both custom wrought iron options and quality products but with some important side points as well.  DCS Industries controls each step of the process from welding to installation. This gives them the ability to control for quality and ensure that only the best materials and finishes are being used for their products.  In addition, the experts at DCS Industries oversee the installation themselves, ensuring that everything is in perfect working order when it is placed on a property.

On top of this high quality production and installation, DCS Industries also offers the option of galvanized wrought iron products. Galvanization is a process that applies zinc to the exterior of the wrought iron, which further protects the wrought iron against rust. In fact, DCS Industries even provides a twenty-year warranty against rust for all of their galvanized wrought iron products. As a company, DCS Industries, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality wrought iron fencing, gates, railings, and other visual pieces. For the last twenty-five years, this is the promise they have been delivering to homes across Arizona, and a promise they plan to continue to hold for many more.

About DCS Industries, LLC
Since 2003 DCS Industries, LLC has been installing and manufacturing high quality custom iron works, including fencing and gates for metro Phoenix, and energy efficiency products that save money and enhance the beauty of residential and commercial properties. Their energy saving products and safety products will add to the value and security of family, home and business. They manufacture all of their own fencing, gates, and custom iron works, ensuring quality, durability, and products that coordinate and accentuate any style of property both residential and commercial.

Contact Information:

2320 W. Peoria Ave
Suite B144
Phoenix, AZ 85027

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