FeedbacK™ Introduces Voice-Controlled, Hands-Free, Golf Swing Training Aid

Released on: December 17, 2013, 1:45 pm
Industry: Sports

Computer vision technology changes how golfers elevate their game through video collection, analysis and instruction

Hampton, VA, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- FeedbacK Golf is a premier video analysis tool for the golf industry. Created by a team of highly skilled engineers, analysts and golf professionals, FeedbacK is one of the most high-tech golf swing analysis products on the market today. FeedbacK: Collect is now available for purchase. FeedbacK: Analysis and Instruct will be released throughout 2014 to give golfers an enhanced way to collect, analyze and receive instruction on their swing.

FeedbacK Golf line is a personalized, adaptive system that uses computer vision technology rather than sensors to collect specific data and offer instant coaching to the athlete looking to improve golf skills. The system is completely hands-free and does not require any hardware attached to the golf clubs or gloves, as is the case with many of its competitors. Without extra hardware, golfers have a more authentic learning experience.

The FeedbacK: Collect Bundle comes with Connect Bluetooth, Collect iOS app and a Flex Tripod, which attaches to the athlete's golf bag. The tripod holds the athlete's Smartphone at the perfect height to capture the full range of motion of the player. The Connect Bluetooth device attaches to the players belt and connects directly to the Smartphone application, which collects video on command, as the athlete swings. FeedbacK: Collect is available for purchase at for $79.95.

President and Founder, Shawn McDonald, describes the product as a blend of BMW, Apple and PGA Pro, the perfect mix of luxury, cutting edge technology and teaching excellence.

We are focused on a simple end-to-end solution, says McDonald. The FeedbacK Golf product line is not just an app' but a bundled solution that provides the golfer with everything required for a great experience. With FeedbacK: Collect we have made video recording a golf swing readily accessible by incorporating voice recognition technology with the smartphone.

The FeedbacK President and technical team is comprised of professionals who previously worked at various levels with NASA, and PGA Professional Jamie Conners. McDonald saw an opportunity in golf swing analysis after wanting to improve her own golf game. Instead of just collecting data, she wanted a product that would also analyze information about a golf swing and then instruct the golfer on how to improve it.

This January 21-24, 2014, FeedbacK will participate in the PGA Merchandise Show at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. The FeedbacK team will be prepared to sell FeedbacK: Collect Bundle and to meet other golf professionals. FeedbacK aims to build a reputation within the industry as the premiere provider of Golf Training Solutions for the self-learner, the student and the instructor. Visit FeedbacK at Booth #1863.

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About FeedbacK
FeedbacK is a team of highly skilled engineers, programmers, analysts and industry experts who push the boundaries of technology. Using proprietary algorithms and computer vision techniques, the team developed a personalized, adaptive, instant-feedback coaching system. FeedbacK Founder and President, Shawn McDonald and her team use skills and methods they learned working with NASA to create and perfect the FeedbacK system. FeedbacK: Collect is a voice-controlled, hands-free method that stores each practice swing as a separate video (no editing required). User-friendly software enables swing review and annotation on mobile devices and in our virtual FeedbacK Clubhouse. FeedbacK Enterprise, LLC launched in April 2012 in Hampton, VA and develops analysis technologies that revolutionize the way we learn, teach and enjoy life.

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