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-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The French composer of electronic dance music known as Paul for You has released his debut and farewell EP, titled, Somewhere. The EP is comprised of six Paul for You arrangements for an approximate total listening time of half an hour. While Paul for You's Somewhere must needs fall into the EDM category, its roots in late '70s and early '80s synth pop run deep enough to classify it as pop music by many standards. A lighthearted, endlessly fun and colorful, imaginative record, Somewhere by Paul for You is one of the most summery albums of the winter, 2013.

Paul for You cites as main artistic influences the french touch sound, french house music, '80s Italo pop and '70s soft rock. The French touch style of music, or electronic nu-disco, appeared in the late 1990s, led by notables such as Daft Punk. It is primarily signified by a heavy use of filter and phaser effects, as well as by samples from late 1970s and early 1980s American or European disco and rock tracks.

When asked to comment of the artistic aims of his new record, Paul for You writes: Sweet, warm and nostalgic feelings, like if you were at the beach when the sun went down. Fresh and casual sounds, melodic and catchy.
Paul for You was born in 1985 in France and has been composing electronic dance music since the age of 14, having been inspired by the first Daft Punk record. He considers the pop music he watched as a young child on MTV in the '80s and '90s to have also been inspirations to his style of music. His first musical instrument was a computer.

Speaking publicly about his Somewhere EP, Paul for You writes, The EP is a compilation of old songs which got polished and reworked for a 'real' release. Its supposed to be a one-shot project. So Paul for You will disappear with this EP to get involved in other new and exciting projects. The first and the last impression of PFY

Somewhere by Paul for You is available online worldwide.

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