Roses for Panjo release new LP 'Somewhere Beautiful'

Released on: December 09, 2013, 4:23 pm
Industry: Entertainment

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Somewhere Beautiful, the long-awaited debut LP of Roses for Panjo, has been officially released. It is the first LP under the Roses for Panjo project title. It is comprised of nine original tracks and a cover rendition of What a Wonderful World for an approximate total listening time of 35 minutes. It has been published on the Blue Feather Records music label. An earnest, deeply personal repertoire of songs by any account, Somewhere Beautiful is both a work of the utmost humanity and striking natural talent.

Roses for Panjo is the present music project by the award-winning, multi-platinum-selling, writer, artist and producer, Tanya Leah. Roses for Panjo represents a collection of songs that were written by Leah for her ailing father, quite literally as sonic medicine.

In September 2011, she writes, my dad suffered a debilitating stroke which changed the trajectory of my life and my career. I moved back up to NY to help with his caregiving, and had no time or energy left for music or writing at all. After doing a lot of internet research trying to find ways to calm him and ease his mind, I came upon some articles about the power of music to help people in my dad's situation.

As it would turn out, Leah's father had cured her inability to write before she found herself able to help him.

She continues, As a writer, I of course felt that was a way I could try to do something for him. I started writing, and was amazed at how fast the songs spilled out. I would play him some of it, and was amazed at how well he responded to it.

Leah took the music to the studio and recorded it into the present, aptly named LP, Somewhere Beautiful, so that her father could hear it at leisure. Having done so and seen the positive effects, an epiphany occurred to her, what she describes as an aha moment.

Maybe it could help other people in his situation, she writes, or anyone really, who needed some hope and sunshine, and a place to escape to.

The music itself is soothing, pretty, bright, and warm, a very real artistic incarnation of genuine love. Threaded throughout the record are reassuring communications from Leah to the wounded of the world, her heartfelt attempt to bring beauty where there may be none yet.

She describes it, I guess the message is a little bit of 'let's go somewhere beautiful,' 'come on you can do it,' and 'you're not alone,' mixed with a whole lot of 'yay!'

The tale of how the project came to be named Roses for Panjo is available for reading at the official website (link provided below).

Music listeners can enjoy their own, personal Somewhere Beautiful when it becomes available online worldwide from Roses for Panjo on December 8 th , 2013. Get in early.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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