Thunder Rand And Company Announces Their Establishment As an Outsource Accounting and Bookkeeping Services Operation for Any Size Company

Released on: February 27, 2014, 1:20 pm (EST)
Industry: Accounting

RENO, NEVADA, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Many businesses now use outsource accounting and bookkeeping services to entirely replace their existing accounting departments. Paying for and maintaining an internal accounting or bookkeeping department can sometimes turn into an expensive proposition. Every business wants to make a profit and the only way to properly know if they have a profit is through their accounting department. But in today's age of slim profit margins and where every dollar counts, using outsource accounting and bookkeeping services just makes sense.

Thunder Rand and Company, a CPA office located in Reno Nevada now announced their establishment as a preferred outsource accounting department for any size business. Because of the latest in Internet, online and "in the cloud" accounting systems, Thunder Rand offers their accounting services to any size business anywhere in the country. Utilizing very easy to use scan/fax/email technology, any accounting and bookkeeping services can be handled very easily and quickly.

In almost every case the cost is less than maintaining an in-house accounting staff. These advantages are not only financial as there are no in-house arguments or confrontations between departments. There are no "castles" to protect and defend as people try to show their value and keep their jobs. There is also less chance of fraud or other shenanigans that may cause the business problems.

Every business that Thunder Rand and Co. deals with has different needs and requirements and through an extensive menu of options and possibilities, the specific needs of the business can be dealt with. Outsourcing accounting just means having the accounting department located outside of the business's office, not necessarily offshore. Just about any kind of outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services can be handled, including:

•Accounts payable and receivable
•Daily payroll and sales tax processing
•Cash balance tracking
•Credit card reports
•Bank statement reconciliation
•Journal entries
•General ledger maintenance
•Sales commission tracking
•Tax planning and preparation

About the Company:
Thunder Rand offers a free initial consultation to any business wishing to understand more about outsource accounting and bookkeeping services. Thunder Rand & Company is run by Scott Thunder and John Rand and answers an assortment of CPA needs including tax preparation, IRS conflict resolution, accounting, payroll, bookkeeping and more. They service individuals and businesses, and no job is too small or too large for this Reno CPA accounting office to handle. They are located at 1325 Airmotive Way, Suite 125 in Reno, Nevada. They can be reached by calling (775) 323-4440. Their website is:

Contact-Details: THUNDER RAND AND CO
1325 Airmotive Way
Suite 125
Reno, NV 89502
Phone Number: (775) 323-4440
Fax Number: (775) 323-8977

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