NGO Sawali Samajik Sanstha Launches SAFAR – A Center for Injured Animals and Cow Protection

Released on: May 09, 2014, 4:14 am (EDT)
Industry: Non Profit

Raigad, Maharashtra, India, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Sawali Samajik Sanstha is very pleased to announce the launch of SAFAR Center. Sawali Samajik Sanstha is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered by Charity commissioner District Raigad, Maharashtra. SAFAR Center is a division of Sawali Samajik Sanstha . SAFAR stands for Sawali's Animal First Aid and Rehabilitation Center, which works for the rehabilitation of injured animals and birds as well as cow protection in India under the scheme “Sawali Goushala”.

According to Sawali Samajik Sanstha, “The idea to create SAFAR was believed 5 years ago. Volunteers started wolring for the animal rehabilitation, but slowly the situation became tough to manage with more numbers of injured anmials. Then SAFAR came into existence consisting of group of people working solely for animal rehabilitation”. At present SAFAR center has a team of 30 member with the main goal being resuce and rehabilitation of injured animals and birds. Animal lovers are always welcome to join SAFAR. SAFAR Center will provide a safe and healthy place also for their livelihood.

SAFAR Center also has its division named Sawali Goushala. Sawali Goushala works for cow protection and cow milk utilization in India. Sawali Goushala's concept is created and implmented by SAFAR Center. The unique concept of “Bhartiya Gou Vansh Vadh Va Sanvardhan” is created to save Indian cow breed and improving gene pool. The idea is becoming successful in utilization of Indian cow milk and till today SAFAR center's “Sawali Goushala” have provided shelters to 47 Indian breed Cows, Bulls and Ox.

Apart from being a center for inujured animals and cow protection, SAFAR also indulges in organizing events in different social places like in old age homes as well as lead the free camps of TT injections for farmers. SAFAR also look forward to work for saving planet and create a healthy environment which can be easy to live for animals and birds. According to SAFAR “ We want to add more people who are animal lovers and want to work for rehabilitation of animals”. SAFAR has also started emergency animal rescue helpline service. Its helpline number is 8888 554 555. SAFAR will provide service 24*7. SAFAR Center also welcome donation both in monetary as well as in material terms.

About SAFAR Center:
SAFAR (Sawali's Animal First Aid and Rehabilitation) is a center for injured animals and cow protection. It is a divion of Sawali Samajik Sanstha, which is an NGO in Raigad, registered under Charity commissioner. SAFAR is established with the aim to provide animal rehabilitation to injured birds and animals. It also works for cow protection under the name “Sawali Goushala”. Right now there are 30 members are working with SAFAR Center. SAFAR's work area is Raigad and Pune. Volunteers are welcome to join in.

Media Contact: Raj Jain
Company Name: SAFAR - Center for Injured Animals
Mobile: +91 9545 495 051
Address: Above swami clinic, Opp. Laxmi housing colony, Nangalwadi, MIDC, Mahad, Dist. Raigad, Maharashtra, India – 402309


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