Aapptec Presents The Latest Range of Automated Peptide Synthesizers For Sale

Released on: June 27, 2014, 2:10 am (EDT)
Industry: Chemicals

Louisville, KY, June 27, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Aapptec, a well known producer of all types of reagents and synthesizers based in Kentucky has recently come up with the latest range of automated peptide synthesizers. Keeping the welfare of clients in mind, the company has come up with products which can fit into any type of budget.

The Infinity 2400 TM Microwave Peptide Synthesizer uses microwave heating to speed up slow couplings as a result of steric hindrance or aggregation as well as ambient temperature during rapid couplings. It can microwave up to 6 reaction vessels at a single time. The Apogee Peptide Synthesizer has been specifically designed for easy, dependable creation of peptides for applications meant for research purposes. The Matrix series of peptide instruments on the other hand have been developed for high throughput production of peptide libraries.

The Model 400 series of peptide instruments use ultramodern technology in order synthesize peptides on a multi-kilogram scale up to 250 liter reactors. The Focus Peptide Synthesizer series is the most versatile among all brands which Aaptec has developed in recent times.

The Focus Peptide Synthesizer can be used for small as well as large scale synthesis. It can synthesize up to 6 different peptides concurrently. The Apex series of peptide instruments can synthesize a single peptide or up to 96 different peptides simultaneously at the scale of 10 mg to 1 gram.

Apart from the product mentioned above, Aapptech also manufactures products meant for custom peptide synthesis, laboratory use and HPLC columns as well. The company also produces catalog peptides, vacuum pumps, sharp vac concentrators, freeze dryers etc. The biologically active peptides and substrates which it offers are ideal for use in research activities.

The company spends a good deal of time in research and development so as to make sure that consumers are satisfied with the product quality. It’s website is updated with new information on all types of products it offers. Aapptech has adapted to the latest changes taking place in technology, so as to make sure that the products which it comes up with match industry standards.

To know more on the services offered by the company, go to http://www.aapptec.com/.

Contact-Details: 6309 Shepherdsville Rd
Louisville, KY 40228

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