Feather Treasures adds new colors in stock

Released on: June 09, 2014, 6:47 am (EDT)
Industry: Apparel & Fashion

Miami Beach, FL, June 09, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Feather Treasures, which is a renowned online feather seller, are now filling their stock with more vibrant and vivacious colors of feathers in all variety. Be it the long ostrich feathers, biot feathers, lovely cocktail feathers or the beautiful Pheasant feathers, all are available in more than imaginable colors at this online store. It is said that if you are looking for a particular type of a feather and a specific color, and one is unable to fetch it anywhere, Feather Treasures is the best place to fulfill all you feather and creative requirements and desires.

It is said by the buyers that once if anyone shops at this place, he or she would be so satisfied by the quality of the product and its promptness in delivery that he would never want to change its buyer. The wide range of available colors satiates the needs of the people of all age group and all the sectors. The designers and women, who prefer neutral shades or the browns, can enjoy the feather which comes in solid colors. Colors for getting a more natural look, like, red, yellow, electric blue, etc., draws the attention of the fashionistas for the glamorous look they are always seeking for. The different sizes, the durability and the bendiness of such fantastic feathers are making it famous worldwide.

People are ordering feathers in huge quantity, and are trying their creative minds on these attractive pieces. Be it home décor, office, clothes, accessories - the gorgeous feathers are seen almost everywhere. Even at the extraordinary theme parties, or some event parties, ravishing feathers are spotted somewhere or the other. These graceful tabletops in white feathers at the wedding events, renders a splendid look to the wedding hall. These natural and fine quality feathers are so perfect to look at that often people mix them with the natural and the artificial feathers. The versatile zebra pheasant feathers and the turkey flat feathers, the vivid patters of the naturally shed pheasant feathers offered are available in abundance. The remarkable variety in the shades, the unbeatable pricing, the quality and the unparallel customer service, makes it affordable and loved by all the feather lovers.

More info at:- http://www.feathertreasures.com/

Feather Treasures comes up with huge range of vibrant and effervescent colors of cruelty free feathers to satiate the needs of its customers all over the world and in all the sectors possible.

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