Future Electronics Announces the MIC8xx Series of Voltage Supervisors from Micrel Semiconductor

Released on: June 16, 2014, 4:11 am (EDT)
Industry: Electronics

Pointe Claire, Quebec, June 16, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, announces the MIC8xx Series of voltage supervisors from Micrel Semiconductor.

The MIC841LYC5 TR and MIC842 are micropower, precision voltage comparators with an on-chip voltage reference. Both devices are intended for voltage monitoring applications. External resistors are used to set the voltage monitor threshold. When the threshold is crossed, the outputs switch polarity.

The MIC842 incorporates a voltage reference and comparator with fixed internal hysteresis; two external resistors are used to set the switching threshold voltage. The MIC841 provides a similar function with user adjustable hysteresis; this part requires three external resistors to set the upper and lower thresholds (the difference between the threshold voltages being the hysteresis voltage).

Both the MIC841 and MIC842 are available with push-pull or open-drain output stage. The push-pull output stage is configured either active high or active low; the open-drain output stage is only configured active high. Supply current is extremely low (1.5 μA, typical), making it ideal for portable applications. The MIC841/2 is supplied in Micrel's Teeny™ 5-lead SC-70 package.

Applications include PDAs, pagers, cordless phones, consumer electronics, embedded controllers, and personal electronics.

To purchase product(s), or for more information about Micrel Semiconductor, the MIC8xx Series, voltage supervisors, amplifiers, comparators, and system management, as well as access to the world's largest available-to-sell inventory, visit www.FutureElectronics.com.

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Future Electronics is a global leader in electronics distribution, ranking 3rd in component sales worldwide, with an impressive reputation for developing efficient, comprehensive global supply chain solutions. Founded in 1968, the company has established itself as one of the most innovative organizations in the industry today, with 5,000 employees in 169 offices in 44 countries around the world. Future Electronics is globally integrated, with one worldwide IT infrastructure providing real-time inventory availability and access, while enabling full integration of its operations, sales and marketing worldwide. Offering the highest level of service, the most advanced engineering capabilities and technical solutions through all stages of the design-production cycle, and the largest available-to-sell inventory in the world, Future's mission is always to Delight the Customer®. For more information, visit www.FutureElectronics.com.

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