GoGreen BOV to launch new range of ebikes and target to sell 2600 bikes per month in Karnataka

Released on: June 03, 2014, 2:23 am (EDT)
Industry: Automotive

Bangalore, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- GoGreen BOV, a revolutionary leader in the e-bike segment, today introduced its new line of electric bikes in the city.

The new line of e-bikes consist of Kohra, an e-bike specifically designed keeping in mind school going children. Range – 60 Kms. Price – Rs. 38000/-

Kimaya, an e-bike made specifically for women and people with a closed circuit travel. Can carry a weight of 160kgs. Range – 60 Kms. Price – Rs. 47000/-

Kavach, made specifically for field workers who would have no fixed route of travel. The only vehicle in India with a 120km range per charge. Price – Rs. 53000/-

Sunnoti, made specifically for the delivery segment. A multi faceted vehicle which can be converted to carrying loads or for a family of two. Sunnoti comes in two variants (60 Kms range and 100 Kms range), priced at Rs. 44000/- and Rs. 59500/- respectively.

Commenting on journey so far, Dhivik Reddy, CEO, GoGreen BOV, said, ‘When we started 4 years back, there used to be virtually no market for electric bikes in India. A lot of players in the industry could not sustain themselves mainly because their product was not made for Indian conditions and mindset. We were able to gain a foothold in the market by designing India’s first e-bike with a range of 120 Kms per charge. Since inception we have sold over about 14000 vehicles. We currently are selling about 1200 vehicles per month. With the launch of this new line, we expect the demand to go up to 2600 vehicles per month.

Elaborating on the market, he said, “50% of our customers are small traders and kirana store owners. These people are small business owners, who need either to travel distances or carry goods for their business needs and are looking to cut down on their rising fuel costs. Next are restaurants that have home delivery service, and then comes the students. They don’t need a license up to 18 years and they start buying vehicles at the age of 15, so between 15 to 18 years they don’t have any other choice than to buy an electric vehicle. The rest of it is housewives, senior citizens, and office workers.”

Talking about the future plans, he said, “We have a partner in Korea for manufacturing of our batteries and they have shown great interest in setting up a manufacturing plant in India. A JV would be floated by the end of October '14. We plan to invest around 10 million USD in a 60 acre manufacturing facility which will come up on the outskirts of Bangalore. With batteries being manufactured in India, we are looking at manufacturing at least 80% of our product in Karnataka. This would be one of the biggest investments in Electric Vehicle space in India till date. ”

GoGreen BOV works closely with universities in Bangalore, Guwathi, Karaikudi and Gandhinagar for technological advancements in storage technology and motor technology. The models are available in orange, red, green, purple and grey colours.


About Go GreenBOV
Go GreenBOV is India’s fastest growing electric vehicle manufacturer that produces battery operated electric bikes. Go GreenBOV was set up as a start-up venture by Dhivik Reddy in 2007 with a vision to reduce the national carbon footprint by introducing electric two wheelers that are both economical and environment friendly while being trendy and futuristic. The bikes are entirely battery operated, do not require petrol, are noise and emission free and have nearly all the features of a regular petrol driven scooter. Go GreenBOV’s pioneering technology has given India the first e-bikes that provide a range of 120 kilometers per charge. They are also industry first two wheelers that come with cruise control technology and a smart anti-theft auto lock braking system. Go GreenBOV currently has its footprint across South India in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Goa and is hoping to revolutionize India with its environment friendly vehicles in the future.

Contact-Details: santhosh@brand-comm.com/09844996342

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