The 2014 Finger Lakes Mud Run at Everest Park: Another Reason to Love NY

Released on: July 07, 2014, 6:20 am (EDT)
Industry: Sports

Auburn, NY, July 07, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- There are so many ways to get into a New York State of mind. Not only do we have the City that Never Sleeps, but with our change of seasons, wondrous outdoor activities, and arts and culture everywhere you turn, we’ve got vacation and adventure opportunities that never end! And in the mix is the 2014 Finger Lakes Mud Run at Everest Park, which will be held on September 27.

This annual military-style trail run challenges participants with three extreme courses. Last year, waves of the 1,500 participants joined a stampede of literally hundreds who trudged through thick field grasses, over wooded underbrush, down and out of deep gullies, and ultimately faced jaw-dropping obstacles. Each obstacle was designed to encourage teamwork and camaraderie, and create a lasting memory of the experience.
One course is a 5K short course for those looking for a fun challenge but aren’t quite ready for the big time. The second, 14K course navigates more than 750 acres of dense forest, sunbaked fields, and terrain that even scares the wildlife! The third course is a Mini Muddy that lets kids ages 6-12 get completely covered in mud, just like the rest of the family.

This year, organizers are expecting more than 2,000 participants, in addition to spectators and volunteers. What can they expect during the 2014 Finger Lakes Mud Run at Everest Park? Among the 25 obstacles is the popular Hardwood’s Revenge, where participants must climb over two walls in order to successfully complete the obstacle. It looks easy from the ground, but wait until they get to the top! There’s also Swamp Trench, where mud runners must burrow, wiggle, and maybe even smell like an earthworm as they crawl through a long, dark and winding muddy trench. Another challenge is Moonshine Pass, where participants must walk over a creek on a narrow, wooden bridge using a tethered hand rope. Plus, 4 or 5 new challenges will be added this year.

So when New York has so many other ways to relax and unwind, why on earth would someone subject themselves to this? After all, mud runs were rarely heard of 5 years ago. But that’s changed, and mud run popularity has grown because winning isn’t the goal. Personal achievement and having a great experience with friends and family are. Of course, even though some hard core athletes and competitors take mud running seriously, most mud run events are about the average Joe or Jill pushing their limits, having fun as part of a dynamic team, being part of a unique social interaction, and meeting tough challenges straight on. And, being allowed to play in the mud doesn’t hurt, either!

The Finger Lakes Mud Run at Everest Park is no exception. For those who participate, they say, “the more, the muddier™!”

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