The Vampire's Granddaughter: exciting sequel to Witch in Blood is released

Released on: July 16, 2014, 1:51 am (EDT)
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Kettering, UK, July 16, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The eagerly awaited sequel to ‘Witch in Blood’ has been released. The Vampire’s Granddaughter Following on from Witch in Blood, The Vampire’s Granddaughter continues the saga. Ffion might be facing matrimony. Then again, she might not. In either event, there is a new threat in the offing, and this time, Zoe may well be facing it alone: out in the dark night, on the moor, an unknown force gathers….

The second book in The Bloodwitch Chronicles series takes Fee and Zoe into even weirder lands – if that’s at all possible. Fee’s brought an unwanted guest home, and Zoe makes friends with a newcomer to the village: a girl who has a deadly secret that she won’t share. Before long it becomes apparent that this ‘secret’ may well prove fatal.

Praise for Witch In Blood:
“I would highly recommend this book to anyone and I am certainly looking forward to the next instalment from this author.”
“I absolutely loved this book! I could hardly bear to put it down.”
“A witty, action-packed tale which storms along…..”

Excerpt from the book:
“Carefully, she summoned a werelight into her palm and sent it skittering down the rocks and into the caves. Not that She needed any confirmation of Zoe’s presence so close to her hidel, but Zoe definitely didn’t want Her to make any mistakes tonight.

The summons met with no reaction. Tentatively, she sank her consciousness into that witter of voices in her mind she knew to be the metae. Usually she kept that part of her awareness locked down tight. She didn’t want to be eavesdropping on the doings of the undead, nor invite their attention to her presence in their minds. But now she needed one specific mete to be aware of her need for communication. If she messed this up, the consequences were beyond imagination.

When it came, it was a painful stab. A warning. ‘Leave me alone!’ She winced at the force of it. She rode the thought back, and blazed an image of herself. ‘It is the witch. I have come to summon you to the slaughter.’ She was amazed at the thought. It was perfectly apt, but it wasn’t hers. No time to worry about that now. File it under ‘Lily, later’ and get on with business.

The hegarset’s exultant thought blazed in her mind and left behind jangling pain. Zoe clutched at her head, rolling on the grass in agony. The bloodlust swept over her, blotting out all conscious thought. Zoe’s fingers scrabbled at the grass, digging into the peaty soil. She gasped, reaching for some stray wisp of sanity in the maelstrom of hatred. I am Zoe of the Frais. I am Zoe of the Fratten. I command my wyth, and I summon the Gya.......”

A copy of this book can be ordered from and from ASIN: B00JS96BA2 ISBN: 978-1-910266-86-1

You may contact Lynda via her website at
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Publisher: New Generation Publishing

Contact-Details: Lynda Panther

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