Gil Martin releases new EP 'Forward'

Released on: October 22, 2014, 11:55 am (EDT)
Industry: Entertainment

Long Beach, CA, October 22, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The composer and producer of digital music known as Gil Martin has released his latest EP record, “Forward.” The EP comprises five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 23 minutes. It has been proudly published on the GMP, Inc. Records independent music label entirely without financial support from the corporate music industry. Sonically innovative, digitally clean and full of drum and bass for an endlessly danceable set of songs, “Forward” by Gil Martin is an electronic drug of sound that will leave fans of EDM wanting much more of the same.

“Forward” is the title track of the EP which makes up the record in five parts, including an “Extended Club Mix,” a “Radio Mix,” Martin's “Rewind Part 2 Remix,” his “Hard & Nasty Remix,” and a “Do Me Dubstep Remix.” These tracks are each different enough from the others to warrant a single release of their own, with each of them as definitive a treatment of “Forward” as the others. Packaged together, they give a round perspective of the song and offer everything a Gil Martin fan could want from this latest dance anthem.

Originally from Ft. Lauderdale and currently residing and performing largely in the West Palm Beach area, Gil Martin is a veteran digital musician who can (and does) it all. He is billed on his official online bio as a DJ, producer, singer and songwriter, most of which talents are spotlighted and showcased on his “Forward” EP.

Having performed at a great many large and popular night spots, his appearances at prestigious venues include spinning for the opening celebration of HBO's “Game of Thrones” program. He has collaborated with some of the industry's most titanic names, including Sherese (“I’m Not Afraid to Fly”), Jennifer Carbonell, Amos Otis, DC Cruz, and James Carlos.

“Forward” by Gil Martin is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“Forward” by Gil Martin –


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