Finally, the Much Awaited Solution for Human Resource Management in Healthcare Services

Released on: April 13, 2015, 6:09 pm (EDT)
Industry: Healthcare

New Jersey, April 13, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Clinicspectrum, leaders in hybrid workflow solutions consisting of an innovative software suite and back office operations, will launch its new software, HRMSpectrum. This single software module offers end-to-end tracking from the inception of hiring to employee growth and management. The software works for large healthcare practices and medium sized hospitals and fully automates all HR management functions.

The software reduces the burden of healthcare providers by substantially increasing workflow efficiency, and at the same time, reducing costs. This new software will help link different hospitals, nursing homes, and physician practices providing integrated delivery that will result in simplifying patient management. The objective of HRMSpectrum is to combine technology with local healthcare teams and back offices to boost workflow productivity. This integration not only simplifies healthcare operations but decreases operational costs by 30%.

In a recent interview with John Lynn, founder,, the leading network for healthcare and IT blogs, Vishal Gandhi, CEO, of Clinicspectrum, explains, “HRMSpectrum helps healthcare practices right from the recruitment process to goal setting, measuring the goals of professional growth three years down the road and integrating the module with ProductivitySpectrum (Another software by Clinicspectrum that helps achieve higher productivity in an organization). You can manage an employee right from recruitment until the time they are in the organization with consistency, productivity, and self-benchmarking.” Clinicspectrum offers a unique Hybrid Workflow Model™ consisting of innovative product suite and the human touch to decrease cost, increase revenue and streamline healthcare operation management.

HRMSpectrum has different tools and features for all levels of management, right from application management of prospect candidates to complete administration and HR management. The software also has built-in features for social media promotions. Additionally, you can also set milestones for employees and track their progress in real time. It is the one simple answer to the most complex questions that a healthcare practice faces. “HRMSpectrum launch integrated with ProductivitySpectrum should streamline and simplify human resource management. From recruitment to productivity, growth and career-path management, our solution is the Key to such current challenges in healthcare” Vishal says.

Clinicspectrum works hard to simplify the day-to-day office work that a healthcare practice is challenged with. We have a software suite which helps healthcare practices lessen the burden of office work and concentrate more on patient health, all while improving practice productivity and efficiency.

Contact-Details: Clinicspectrum
New Jersey
2222 Morris Ave. 2nd Floor,
Union, NJ-07083.

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