Word Branch Publishing Releases Controversial New Book, Loving Pearl: A Mother’s Call to Unconditional Love


Released on: April 13, 2015, 5:48 pm (EDT)
Industry: Entertainment

Marble, NC, April 13, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- In Dawn Bennett’s groundbreaking book, she reconciles her faith with her daughter’s sexual orientation.

“I’m gay.”

These are often difficult words for parents to hear from their child, and reactions can run from denial and anger to loving acceptance. But what happens when your offspring’s sexual orientation collides with your faith? What will your friends think? What will your family say? Where will you and your child go from here? How will you move forward?

Author Dawn Bennett faced these questions when confronted with her own daughter’s homosexuality. As a mother, she was concerned that the world would be a harsh place for her daughter. As a Christian, she had to come to terms with her religion and the true meaning of Christ’s words.

In Loving Pearl: A Mother’s Call to Unconditional Love, Bennett shares her personal story of her journey with her daughter, nicknamed Pearl, as a backdrop for a wider social and spiritual debate. She is quick to note that the message in Loving Pearl is for everyone regardless of faith, “Really, it is a love story. This concept is a core concept in just about every faith and cultural background on the planet.”

From bullying and marginalization to issues within the church and society, Dawn Bennett’s empowering words and personal experiences aid parents in finding the courage and love to support and nurture their LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender) child.

“The decision to love unconditionally is life changing. The reality of it is by no means an easy walk,” says Bennett. “I acknowledge the content of this book is both emotional and thought provoking. Religion-based bigotry is a very unique kind of bigotry and causes the utmost harm. When a person is divided within themselves and in their relationship with their Creator, it can be a devastating and oftentimes dangerous, life threatening place.”

The public debate about Christianity and LGBT rights is both current and topical. “Loving Pearl is a book for our times,” says publisher Catherine Rayburn-Trobaugh. “It addresses difficult questions that many people face as parents. Ms. Bennett’s straightforward, sincere narrative is tender, provocative and even academic to provide readers with a very honest look at the relationship of Christianity with the LGBT community. Dawn Bennett is both a storyteller and woman of faith, and Loving Pearl deserves a place on every thinking person’s bookshelf.”

Loving Pearl can be purchased through major online retailers and bookshops as well as the Word Branch Publishing’s website: https://www.wordbranch.com/store/p79/Loving_Pearl.html

Loving Pearl is the third LGBT book published by Word Branch. Earlier this year, JT Collins’ fictional account of her own experiences, Face in the Mirror, was released, and Julian Norwood’s young adult, transgender novel, Forsaking Magic, was published in 2014. All of these titles can be found at https://www.wordbranch.com/store/c15/LGBT.html.

Word Branch is an independent publishing company located in the heart of Appalachia. WBP represents talented new and emerging authors from around the world who need a venue to make their voices heard. Word Branch Publishing features a diverse selection of drama, science fiction, personal growth, young adult, indigenous titles and more. Visit the online book shop at https://www.wordbranch.com/book-shop.html.

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Word Branch Publishing
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