DormCo Presents a New Lineup of Soft Dorm Seating

Released on: October 5, 2015, 2:22 am (EDT)
Industry: Retail

Buffalo, NY, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- College dorm rooms do not come with a lot of dorm seating options when the college student first moves in. The college dorm room will have the dorm bed and dorm chair for the college desk. However, when the college student has friends over, the only dorm seating space will be on the floor. The college student is going to want extra soft dorm seating options in the college dorm room for friends to sit on and also for when the college student wants to relax after a long day of college courses.

The key to remember when dorm room shopping for dorm furniture is to keep it compact. College dorm rooms are small and the college student won’t want the college dorm room taken over by large dorm furniture. If the college student does have plenty of extra space in the college dorm room, a dorm mini-futon is a great option. The dorm mini-futon is perfectly sized for a small college dorm room and features extra soft outer fabric with a plush cushioned foam interior. This soft dorm seating will not only add extra dorm seating to the college dorm room, it will also add to dorm room décor.

If the college student wants the comfort of the dorm mini-futon but doesn’t have the space, the College Recliner is a great dorm space saver. This comfortable dorm essentials item allows the college student to recline back and be comfortable while studying or watching a movie with friends, yet takes up very little space when not in use. This dorm chair folds down compact into a box shape. This allows the chair to be easily stored and easily moved when the college student is moving in and out of college.

Two of the basic dorm furniture options that are popular with college students are a dorm bean bag chair and the college butterfly chair or moon chair. Each of these two dorm room seating options allow the college student to easily store the dorm item when not in use. The dorm bean bag can be stored wherever the college student has extra space, whether it’s under the dorm desk or in the college closet. With a variety of colors, outer material options, and even Memory Foam options for the inner material, the college student can find the exact level of comfort they need and want. A dorm butterfly chair or moon chair folds up compact and can be placed in the corner of a dorm room, inside a college closet or under a dorm bed when not in use.

Finally, a dorm ottoman seat allows the college student to have extra dorm room storage space and soft dorm seating at the same time. A dorm ottoman seat is a multi-purpose dorm item that adds to dorm room décor, conceals dorm cooking utensils, college textbooks, or sports equipment, and also provides comfortable cushioned soft dorm seating for the college student and their friends. The college student can place this dorm necessities item at the end of a dorm bed or along a dorm wall for a complete look to the college dorm room and most importantly, a dorm room that feels like a home away from home.

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