Has Coastal Zone Hotel Construction Become the Twilight Zone for Mold & Moisture Control?

Released on: October 29, 2015, 4:30 am (EDT)
Industry: Construction

Orlando, FL, October 29, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Just months after completing refurbishment on a 300+ room resort, the owner of the luxury coastal vacation resort began to wonder if he had entered into the twilight zone when mold and moisture problems suddenly emerged in numerous guestrooms.

He was perplexed that this problem was only now cropping up despite the fact that he had owned the property for over 25 years. Never in all that time had he ever experienced moisture-related issues. Why was the problem occurring at this point? What was different?

This scenario is all too familiar to building forensics experts at Liberty Building Forensics Group (LBFG), who see it as a common Twilight Zone episode that repeats itself over and over in the hospitality industry. Resorts, hotels, and vacation ownership properties that have operated for years without significant mold and moisture problems are suddenly plagued with catastrophic and costly moisture-related issues after building renovations are completed.

The cause? Architects, engineers, and contractors overseeing renovations are implementing HVAC and building envelope systems that don’t work with the original building design, despite the fact that the industry has known for years that this problem needs to be strategically avoided. The make-up of the new systems represents a fundamental change from the way the building was originally designed, constructed, and successfully operated for many years, leading to unavoidable failure.

“It’s unbelievable to us that certain mechanical and building envelope systems continue to be implemented in renovation projects, when we've known for years that these designs don't work, " said LBFG Vice President Donald B. Snell, P.E. “As a result, properties that have performed very well in the past are now unable to prevent mold and moisture problems from occurring.”

A recognized leader in the solving, remediating, and litigation of complex moisture and mold-related building failures, LBFG has extensive expertise in investigating and resolving construction and design deficiencies. This includes over 30 years of helping building owners avoid or resolve mold and moisture problems in some of the most complex hotels, resorts, and vacation ownership rentals worldwide.

We have also successfully assisted the Disney Corporation in completing over 500 highly complex construction projects worldwide and recovered $60MM+ in repair costs for the Hilton Hawaiian Village, while developing specific expertise in coastal humid zones such as the Southeast United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Rim.

Contact-Details: Tim Stafford, Liberty Building Forensics Group, 3700 Dohnavur Drive, Zellwood, FL, 32798, 407.703.1300, t.stafford@libertybuilding.com, www.libertybuilding.com

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