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Released on: October 5, 2015, 2:24 am (EDT)
Industry: Electronics

Eningen, Germany, October 5, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Fine workmanship down to the smallest components, the highest standards in void free solder joints, increased quality through resistance coating, or safe operation under extreme temperatures - the electronics industry continuously meets new challenges in the processing of sensitive electronic components. Rehm Thermal Systems (http://www.rehm-group.com) already offers appropriate solutions and will be presenting them from 10 to 13 November 2015 at Productronica in Munich, the leading trade fair for electronics development and production. Under the slogan "Power on!", Rehm presents its latest innovations in the fields of reflow convection with and without vacuum, inline condensation soldering, selective conformal coating, systems engineering for the cold function test and clever solutions for reel-to-reel manufacturing. Switch on and get started - it"s easy with equipment from Rehm Thermal Systems. Visit us in hall A4, booth 335!

We"re presenting the following new products and innovations:

VisionXP+ Vac - the 2-in-1 solution for reflow soldering
The VisionXP+ convection soldering system combines numerous developments, especially with regard to the optimisation of energy efficiency and emissions reduction. With this system, you can save up to 20 % energy and reduce your average annual CO2 consumption by about 10 tonnes. The vacuum option makes convection soldering processes with or without vacuum possible for the first time - in one design! The VisionXP+ Vac reliably removes gas bubbles and voids during the pre-soldering process, without vibrations, while the solder is still in an optimal molten state. With a vacuum of up to 2 mbar, void rates of less than 2 % are possible.

VisionXC - ideal system in a compact design
Small batch sizes? Low throughput? For every electronics manufacturer, it is important to achieve high quality in assembly production, even at low throughput. This means optimal process performance for reproducible soldering results, which must be reliably implemented in the long term. The VisionXC was conceived for exactly these customers. An additional advantage is its compactness, combining all of the technological features in the smallest space. The VisionXC is the ideal convection soldering system for small and medium production batches, in the laboratory or for demo lines. Our local team will gladly advise you!

CondensoX-Line - inline condensation soldering process with vacuum
With the CondensoX-Line, Rehm has developed a new system that can be easily integrated with the SMD-standard condensation soldering process under vacuum. This allows void free solder joints to be produced inline in a completely inert process environment, regardless of whether they are standard modules with BGA devices or DBC substrates for power electronics. With the advantages of inline condensation soldering and a high throughput, the CondensoX-Line meets the highest demands of mass production.

Protecto with UV dryer - selective conformal coating applications
Increase the quality and the life of your products with the use of protective coatings. Our selective Protecto conformal coating system protects sensitive electronic components against damage caused by corrosion and other aggressive environmental influences such as moisture, chemicals and dust. The coating system achieves complicated application processes in a single step. Through the use of up to four nozzles you have absolutely flexible coating options. Reinforce your team for an even better result! At Productronica we will also present our new RDS 1200 UV, a compact UV dryer that can be integrated into any production environment. Depending on the material requirements, the UV curing system is available with medium-pressure mercury lamps or UV-LED lamps and ensures reliable drying of all UV-cured coatings.

Securo - safe electronics despite heat and cold
Modern electronics are now used in a variety of industries. Electronic components have to function 100 % reliably under all temperature conditions. To analyse the stability of electronics under extreme temperatures, Rehm has developed a completely new series: Securo minus for cold function tests, or Securo plus for hot function tests. At the fair we will present Securo minus for reliable cold function tests. To check, for example, the winter performance of sensitive electronics, the system works with temperatures down to -55 °C. The Securo systems can be optimally combined with other measurement equipment.

Reel-to-reel - key technology in electronic component manufacturing
The trend towards lighter, flexible and cost-effectively produced electronic components makes the reel-to-reel manufacturing (R2R) a popular process technology. Rehm Thermal Systems (http://www.rehm-group.com) has developed a facility for flexible thermal processes that can be optimally processed by roll-to-roll production of electronic components. The starting material on a roll of film is unrolled, processed in a complete production line and rolled up again. With the R2R system, Rehm provides innovative equipment to industries that process the smallest components in large series, such as LED manufacturing or wearable electronics.

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