Swisslog and Simeks partnership reaches milestone: TranspoNet™ Pneumatic Tube Systems to be installed in Bilkent and Mersin Integrated Health Campuses

Released on: October 21, 2015, 4:43 am (EDT)
Industry: Healthcare

Westerstede, Germany, October 21, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Swisslog-Simeks project collaboration to deliver one of the largest pneumatic tube systems in Europe as part of a public-private partnership for the Turkish Ministry of Health. Implementations at the integrated healthcare campuses at Bilkent and Mersin support their vision of a modern and efficient health infrastructure in Turkey through optimized workflow and dedication to patient care.

Swisslog, a leading provider of best-in-class automation solutions for material transport and medication management in forward-thinking hospitals, and Simeks, a leading provider of medical equipment and technological solutions for the healthcare sector, have been awarded a project for the delivery and installation of a TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System for two greenfield healthcare campuses in Turkey.

With this award, Swisslog and Simeks strengthen their position as leading providers of automated material transportation solutions for the rapidly expanding Turkish healthcare market and also reinforce their 14-year partnership.

Both healthcare projects are public-private partnerships with Dia Inaat as a private investor and the Turkish Ministry of Health as a public investor. Initiated to deliver the Ministry of Health"s vision of a modern and efficient health infrastructure in Turkey, the projects also aim to increase service quality and efficiency. The implementation of the TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System in Bilkent and in Mersin Integrated Health Campuses supports this holistic perspective of delivering prompt and customized care to improve the patient experience and, ultimately, enable faster diagnosis and treatment and better patient outcomes.

"Implementing the pneumatic tube systems on these campuses is of paramount importance to drive patient-care benefits through workflow efficiency, fast and reliable delivery of life-critical items, and giving back valuable time for caregivers to dedicate to their patients. These are very important elements of optimized healthcare management and we are excited to deliver this value through the projects with Swisslog and Simeks," says Board Member of DIA Holding Mehmet Ali Bayar.

With a construction area measuring 1.3 million square meters and a capacity of 3,804 beds, the Bilkent Integrated Health Campus in Ankara is Europe"s largest healthcare complex. It consists of a core diagnostic center, six towers that house different medical services, a rehabilitation hospital, a psychiatric hospital, a clinic hotel, and an administrative building for the Ministry of Health. There, Swisslog and Simeks will deliver and install one of the largest pneumatic tube systems in Europe with 380 stations and 38 lines - connecting wards, functional departments, and specialized hospitals located in the six towers to the central laboratory in the main building. The pneumatic tube system provides the backbone of the campus, granting prompt delivery of blood samples and specimens over long distances to the central laboratory. The system is expected to serve approximately 50,000 patients daily, including 5,000 in the emergency department.

The Mersin Integrated Health Campus in Southern Turkey, covers an area of 369,591 square meters and has capacity for 1,259 beds. It will offer first-class facilities for obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, cardiovascular diseases, psychiatry, and oncology and is expected to serve approximately 10,000 patients daily, and respond to emergency cases. The TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System, comprising 140 stations and 18 lines, has been designed to rapidly and reliably transport medical samples and specimens from the wards to the central laboratory, freeing personnel from monotonous, low-value portering activities.

The Mersin project was launched in December 2014 and is set to be completed in 2016. The Bilkent project was launched in May 2015 and is set to go live in 2017.

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