Timeshare Users Group Celebrates 22 Years Educating and Helping Timeshare Owners

Released on: October 7, 2015, 4:40 am (EDT)
Industry: Travel

Orange Park, FL, October 7, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The Timeshare User's Group, started in more than 22 years ago in1993 by a group of normal Timeshare Owners on a Prodigy online bulletin board, is a family run self-help organization providing an unbiased source of consumer oriented information and advice on Timeshares and the Timeshare concept.

TUG was actually one of the very first commercial sites on the Internet and the very first website period relating to Timeshares! It is amazing how far things have come since then! Over the last twenty+ years, TUG has helped tens of thousands of timeshare owners, many to this day remain to pass on the gift of knowledge they likely received themselves many moons ago through our free Timeshare owner online discussion forums.

TUG has also allowed individual Timeshare owners to successfully sell and rent more than 25 Million dollars in the past few years alone in our industry leading Timeshare Marketplace! What sets it apart from everyone else is that each of these successful resales and rentals is commission free! We prove year after year that you can sell or rent your timeshare without paying upfront fees!

We are also very proud of the fact that in the past few years alone, we have saved more than 400 individual owners over $7 Million dollars just by finding TUG in time to discover the resale market and rescind their new Timeshare purchase!

More than these facts and numbers though is the priceless value of information passed on and learned year after year through nothing more than Timeshare owners helping each other understand and best use this product that comes with no instruction manual. I have even heard in the past TUG is the "handbook" for Timeshares, and believe it to be true to this day. With a Timeshare Ratings and Reviews database of more than 5000 resorts, Timeshare owners can read and submit reviews from other owners who have stayed at that very resort and get great information to make the most of your vacation!

While it is officially the 22nd birthday of TUG, we wish to celebrate it with every timeshare owner who had a part in making this community what it is today over the past 22 years as well as every timeshare owner whos come across tug looking for help and finding it for free!

It absolutely amazes us year after year how much good this single website does to better the Timeshare industry and help owners! Every single Timeshare owner benefits from knowing about TUG! No matter what you are looking to do with your Timeshare ownership, TUG has the answers and help you need!

Brian Rogers
Timeshare Users Group
Orange Park, Florida
904 298 3185

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