ChipX Partners with Beyond Semiconductor to Offer 32 bit Processors

Released on = May 4, 2007, 3:41 am

Press Release Author = Beyond Semiconductor

Industry = Semiconductors

Press Release Summary = Santa Clara, CA - May 7, 2007 - ChipX Incorporated, provider
of the broadest range of next generation ASIC solutions, announced a partnership and
license agreement with Beyond Semiconductor for a family of 32 bit processors.

Press Release Body = Santa Clara, CA - May 7, 2007 - ChipX Incorporated, provider of
the broadest range of next generation ASIC solutions, announced a partnership and
license agreement with Beyond Semiconductor for a family of 32 bit processors.

Many custom designs require 32 bit processing power in order to run real time
operating systems, process data or modify data on the fly. Although there are a
number of 32 bit processor solutions available, these are often burdened with
inflexible architectures or unfavorable licensing agreements. With ChipX, designers
can have access to the processor RTL for silicon validation in a FPGA and software
development well in advance of the ASIC design. This approach reduces risk,
eliminates porting efforts from one processor architecture to another and speeds
time to market.

The BA12 line of products consists of a 32 bit processor core that can be configured
to include a Memory Management Unit (MMU), Power Management (PM), Instruction and
Data Cache, basic peripherals as well as debug port, timers and serial port options.
Initially, three pre-defined and pre-verified platforms are available from ChipX:
BA12 (plain processor), Kiwi platform (BA12 with quick memory and serial port), and
Hawk platform (BA12 with memory management and instruction and data caches and
frequently required peripherals). Custom versions are available upon request.

Performance comparable to ARM9T processors as well as extensive GNU tools' support
allows for complex software applications and eases software porting. ChipX and
Beyond Semiconductor can offer software porting contract services for customers
wishing to break free from other processor architectures.

The BA12 can be implemented on any ChipX ASIC product, and has been especially
verified and optimized for use on ChipX Structured ASIC platforms, which offer
reduced NRE and fast time to market. Performance exceeds 180MHz in 130nm Structured
ASIC when implemented using standard place and route tools.

The BA12 line of 32 bit processors from Beyond Semiconductor is now available
directly from ChipX for use in any ChipX portfolio product, including high volume
Standard Cell ASIC, Embedded Array ASIC and Structured ASIC, with part prices
starting below $1.

'We are excited to offer our customers a silicon proven and powerful processor
solution with early software development capability' said Elie Massabki, VP of
Marketing at ChipX, Incorporated. 'Our goal is to provide cost effective and
flexible processor solutions to our ASIC customers and our partner Beyond
Semiconductor enables us to achieve this'.

'ChipX offers the widest array of ASIC products on the market today. We have worked
closely with the ChipX engineering team to optimize the BA12 processor to deliver
efficient performance across the board' said Damjan Lampret, VP Strategic Alliances
at Beyond Semiconductor. ' We were impressed with the level of knowledge at ChipX
as well as the final performance numbers'.

For more information, contact ChipX at

ARM9T is a registered trademark of Advanced RISC Machines, Ltd.

About ChipX
ChipX, Inc. is a pioneer and leader in the development and manufacturing of
differentiated ASIC solutions, including Structured ASIC and Embedded Array
technology. The company\'s innovative, patented technology consolidates wafer
production tooling, reduces time-to-market and minimizes the total cost to profit.
ChipX products are widely used in consumer equipment, computing peripherals,
communication systems, industrial control, medical equipment, instrumentation and
military/aerospace systems. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, ChipX is a privately
held corporation, founded in the U.S. in 1989. A subsidiary, ChipX (Israel) Ltd.,
performs Research & Development. Investors include Elron Electronic Industries, Ltd.
(NASDQ: ELRN), VantagePoint Venture Partners, Wasserstein Venture Capital, Newlight
Associates, Parker Price Venture Capital, UMC, Needham Capital Partners and Insite

About Beyond Semiconductor
Beyond Semiconductor is a privately held fabless semiconductor IP company supplying
embedded processor IP technology for digital consumer, networking, personal
entertainment, communications and industrial applications.
Beyond Semiconductor\'s comprehensive product offering includes 32-bit embedded
RISC/DSP processors, software development tools, peripheral cores and complete
reference platforms that enable Licensees to quickly start with product development.
Beyond Semiconductor is expanding its partner network by collaborating with leading
EDA and software vendors to enable the widest possible choice of development flows,
easiest integration, and fastest time-to-market for its Licensees.
For more information about Beyond Semiconductor products and services, please visit

2007 ChipX Inc. All other products or service names mentioned herein are the
property of their respective owners.

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Elise Wallworth
ChipX, Inc.
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Matthew Quint
Quint Public Relations
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Nick Foot
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+44 1491-636393

Beyond Semiconductor Contact:
Marjana Erdelji
Beyond Semiconductor
+386 1 36 44 988

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Contact Details = Marjana Erdelji
Beyond Semiconductor
+386 1 36 44 988 (tel)
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