Add flash and brilliance to your Fourth of July celebration with glow sticks from Nicaboyne

Released on: May 8, 2008, 7:19 am

Press Release Author: Nicaboyne, Inc.

Industry: Retail

Press Release Summary: Glow sticks' cavalcade of colors enhance fun and add safety

This summer, add a special touch of brilliant color and safe fun to your Fourth of
July celebration with colorful glow sticks from Nicaboyne, the place for glow
sticks, necklaces and light-up jewelry.

Press Release Body: Lakewood, IL (May 8 2008) - Swirling lights; pretty colors that
make you "Ooh" and "Ahh"; flashes of brilliance. it's everything you'd expect for
the Fourth of July. But we're not talking about fireworks - or even sparklers. The
hottest thing in fun on those sultry summer nights has got to be glow-in-the-dark
goods (glow sticks, glow necklaces and bracelets, and glow rings and glasses) from

Illinois-based Nicaboyne, Inc. has been manufacturing and selling glow sticks and
other fun glow-in-the dark products since 2000. Spark up your Fourth of July
celebrations with a rainbow of fun glow sticks, glow necklaces and bracelets (the
girls love these!), and even funky oversized glow glasses (for that retro '70s Elton
John look).

Kids love the freedom of frolicking in the dark with fun, lighted objects to guide
their way - and parents love being able to keep track of their kids after dark
without having to constantly yell for them; all they have to do is look for their
kids' glowing colors out in the yard, at the beach or in the park.

Taking a weeklong camping trip with the kids? Pack a few boxes of Nicaboyne glow
sticks with your gear and say goodbye to these hassles: No more fumbling for clunky
old flashlights in your dark tent. No more having to buy those expensive batteries.
No more listening to the kids argue over who gets to hold the flashlight. And no
more worries about Johnny whomping Susie on the head with that heavy metal

Just give each kid a different-colored glow stick when it starts getting dark. Each
six-inch stick has a string attached; the sticks come in blue, green, yellow,
orange, pink, purple, red and white - and glow for a minimum of 10-12 hours - which
is plenty enough time for them to play from dusk until bedtime, and still be able to
light their way along those midnight trips to the bathroom or back from a late-night
walk. Nicaboyne also sells glow sticks in four- and 1-inch lengths.

Sponsoring a scouting trip or company team-building overnight outing? Get
personalized glow sticks from Nicaboyne. Printing rates are extremely reasonable,
with quantities starting at 100 glow sticks.

Nicaboyne also provides safety glow sticks, high-intensity glow sticks and infrared
glow sticks - these three types of glow sticks are the ones used by U.S. military
installations (and allied forces) around the world, by terrorism/disaster
preparedness and response teams and the Department of Homeland Security.

Have some glow sticks left over at the end of the season and aren't sure whether
they'll still be usable next year? When you get your glow sticks through Nicaboyne,
you never have to worry about that. The shelf life of all their glow sticks is at
least two years.

Increase your visibility with Nicaboyne. Visit them online at for
all your glow-stick fun and safety needs.

About Nicaboyne, Inc.: Nicaboyne, Inc. has been adding fun to beach parties,
birthdays, holidays and other celebrations since 2000. They manufacture their glow
sticks at a university-affiliated facility, which constantly tests existing products
and develops new ones. Nicaboyne, Inc.'s glow-stick products are being used in US
military operations around the world. In keeping with their commitment to children's
health, safety and well being, a portion of the proceeds from each sale benefits St.
Jude Children's Research Hospital. For more information about Nicaboyne, Inc., call
(866) 442-9100 or visit

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7215 Bannockburn Cir.
Lakewood, IL 60014

Phone: 847-845-3847
Fax: 815-455-1197

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