New Web 20 Lead Generation service spells opportunity for marketers Marketers wake up to the Web 20 opportunity with TUGCMS

Released on: June 5, 2008, 3:15 am

Press Release Author: infoAnalytica

Industry: Semiconductors

Press Release Summary: TUGCMS relies on New Media - BLOGS, WIKIS,PODCAST, ONLINE
VIDEO, TOP SOCIAL AND BUSINESS NETWORKS, etc, to document as much behavior of online
users as possible.
The specific values that TUGCMS can add to your marketing campaign include:
Reduced cost, highly cost effective (ala Higher ROI), viral Marketing - A win-win
situation,several forms of contact, and no concerns about privacy, usually
associated with existing behavioral marketing techniques.

Press Release Body: Almost 75% of marketers across industries use Web 2.0 to drive
their marketing efforts, according to the results of a new survey conducted by new
media research firm infoAnalytica. The survey was conducted amongst 40 key marketing
decision makers across sectors such as technology, consulting, and financial

The reason most cited for the shift towards Web 2.0 is the inability of traditional
marketing techniques to reach a focused audience. With a view to help marketers
overcome this hurdle, infoAnalytica has introduced a new service - Targeted User
Generated Content Marketing Solution (TUGCMS). TUGCMS is a comprehensive warm lead
database on Passionistas, the most influential online users. It is a step up from
the "cold lead" to "sales ready lead", thus adding value to your marketing campaign

-Pinpointing key Influencers and Passionistas for various offerings
-Reducing the advertising expense significantly
-Creating online interest groups around any industry
-Reducing the cost of customer acquisition significantly
-Utilizing Web 2.0 for creating and maintaining product/service driven exchange of
information between the industry and the end user.
-Creating top of the mind awareness amongst communities via a continuous feed of
information to a targeted audience over Web 2.0
-Assessing the perception of key influencers around a product or industry

"TUGCMS is just the right impetus for marketers in the age of Web 2.0.After months
of research and development, our new media research experts have created this unique
database. This solution not only profiles online users in an ethical way but also
looks at their willingness to endorse or review products and services. Simply put,
TUGCMS tells marketers whom to approach and what to tell them", comments Amit Gupta,
CEO, infoAnalytica.

TUGCMS covers all Web 2.0 tools, be it blogs, wikis, podcasts, social networking, or
business networking. Compared to traditional marketing techniques, this solution is
more cost-effective. Most importantly, it gives firms a chance to reach out to
Influcencers / Passionistas who in turn will reach an extended audience through
viral marketing.

Coinciding with the launch of TUGCMS, infoAnalytica has also released an orange
paper on TUGCMS. The paper contains important findings related to the popularity of
Web 2.0 marketing over conventional marketing. To request the orange paper, write to

About infoAnalytica

Positioned as an upcoming company in the Knowledge Processing Outsourcing
group, infoAnalytica has served over 300 clients in US and Europe providing
expertise in verticals like business analytics, financial analytics,
statistical modeling, and content development. Its clientele includes
reputed names like Trend Micro and Intuit amongst others. Its newly opened
new media research wing has been instrumental in making an important
breakthrough in Web 2.0 marketing - TUGCMS. For more information, please
browse through, or write to

Freya Mishra
Media Research
India: +91-79-30023883
US: 650-242-8364

Web Site:

Contact Details: A-602, Shapat-4, Opp. Karnavati Club
S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad-380 051
India: +91-79-30023883
US: 650-242-8364

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