Freelance Copywriters Help Companies Fight The Soaring Costs Of Using Large Advertising Agencies

Released on: October 9, 2008, 7:48 am

Press Release Author: Nick Mitchell

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: Instead of going to an expensive advertising agency or pr
firm, contact a freelancer for your copywriting needs.

Press Release Body: Soaring prices are one of the primary reasons that clients are
making greater use of freelance copywriters for their writing needs. Large overheads
and price increases affect every aspect of doing business and have had a dramatic
effect on 2008's uncertain and volatile marketplace. For many years ad agencies and
pr firms have been able to stem the growing expense of unnecessarily hiring
additional full-time employees by simply bringing on a few extra people to handle
busy periods.

Perhaps not surprisingly, with the economy in turmoil, freelance copywriters are
increasingly being hired directly by clients to avoid the additional expense of
going through an advertising agency or Public Relations firm. The growth of
freelancing has also been observed in related disciplines.

In addition, a freelancer provides a fresh perspective and more personalized
approach to solving marketing problems. Large agencies are often overburdened with
the constant drive to keep the largest client happy and to constantly go after new
business. Working with a freelancer also avoids the internal politics and
bureaucracy often found in a frenetic agency environment.

PR Firms are in the business of promoting everything from individuals to companies.
Even musical groups and countries wanting to promote themselves use them.
Understandably, the last thing clients want is to spend several thousand dollars a
month keeping a PR firm on retainer. Today's clients are looking for results that
can be tracked and analyzed efficiently - and at a reasonable price.

Freelance writers are generally comfortable sitting down with a client and
addressing PR challenges and usually offering more competitive prices. Nick
Mitchell, an Atlanta copywriter, adds, " Another of the advantages of using a
freelancer is that you'll seldom find the person you are attempting to contact stuck
in a meeting or out of the office avoiding agency calls." Freelancers are often more
enthusiastic and accessible, able to create their own work schedule and ultimately
being responsible for finding their own clients.

Since advertising agencies and PR firms frequently rely on freelancer writers, one
has to wonder why more companies don't hire more freelancers directly. While in some
aspects it is easier to go to an ad agency as a stop-shop solution, the price of
that convenience often means that creative services are marked up 100 percent.

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