Launch Of Sight for A Vision Exchange Program S.A.V.E – Free Glaucoma Screening Events for the Community

Released on: February 3, 2009, 12:33 am

Press Release Author: Heather Joy Roth

Industry: Non Profit, Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Dr.Lynnette Williams-Young , S.A.V.E Program Coordinator, in conjunction with National Glaucoma Awareness with support from Park Avenue Laser Vision, Dr.Emil Chynn and Roman Iospa, CEO of BiCOM Inc., home of Glaucoma Eye Test, are providing free Glaucoma screening events for the whole community.

Press Release Body: Glaucoma is the leading cause of preventable blindness worldwide. 60 million Americans are at RISK for developing Glaucoma

Prevent Blindness America Survey found that:

National Glaucoma Awareness Month presents an opportunity to educate and screen those most at risk for developing the "sneak thief of sight". Dr.Williams-Young is the coordinator for the S.A.V.E program.

The “Sight for A Vision Exchange” is a program inspired by Sis. Mae McGill and Bishop James Gaylord and developed by Dr. Chynn and Dr. Williams-Young to raise $50,000 to benefit the Capital Stewardship Campaign of Kelly Temple Church.

Through the partnership between Park Avenue Laser Vision Center and Kelly Temple, we will be able to provide quality affordable laser vision correction for church members. Also, we will be able to provide education about laser vision correction and educate about maintaining a lifetime of good ocular health. Ultimately, this will reduce the fear of laser vision correction in the African American community.

Glaucoma screenings will be performed with BiCOM's non-invasive, through the eyelid Tonometer Diaton the newest, safest way to screen for high intraocular pressure (IOP), which can be an indication of Glaucoma.

Join us for a free eye pressure screenings at Park Avenue Laser Vision 102 East 25th Street (& Park Avenue South). Call Park Avenue Laser Vision with any questions and directions at 212-741-8628.

About "Sight For A Vision Exchange" (S.A.V.E) -
The objective of S.A.V.E is to provide affordable laser vision correction for church members, provide education about laser vision correction and reduce fear of laser vision correction in the African-American community.

About Park Avenue Laser Vision - New York's Only No-Flap, All-Laser Vision Correction.

About BiCOM Inc. - BiCOM Inc. home of Tonometer Diaton a.k.a "Glaucoma Eye Test" allows to safely screen for intraocular pressure through the eyelid. BiCOM Inc. is a continued supporter of Glaucoma screening / educational programs nationally and internationally. More:


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