Hauliers The New Economic Barometer?


Released on: April 29, 2009, 3:10 am
Author: Staveley Head
Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Staveley Head one of the countrys leading HGV insurance providers has said that it’s possible the Haulage industry may be the new barometer to assess fluctuations in the economy.

A Staveley Head spokesman said "Traditionally it was always the motor manufacturing industry that was recognised as the barometer for any economic recession or recovery, but of course we no longer have sufficient motor manufacturing capacity in the UK on which to base an opinion. More recently it has been suggested that the building industry is the new barometer but the agricultural and general manufacturing industries combined contribute a far bigger percentage of the Gross Domestic Product than the building trade. It would seem logical that any function dependent on agriculture and manufacturing would be a more accurate indicator of deepening economic recession or recovery."

"Hauliers would seem to be the obvious choice. Haulage facilities are needed by both agriculture and manufacturing to transport their produce. In a buoyant market the call for hauliers will increase and conversely in a declining market the need will diminish. Either way, hauliers will be among the first to feel the affect.”

"Due to our substantial involvement in truck insurance we areaware that hauliers are experiencing hard times, like so many other industries, and few are anticipating any upturn in the immediate future; but at least they have the comfort of knowing that when the 'green shoots of recovery' do finally arrive they should be among the first to benefit."

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