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Released on: May 31, 2010, 06:36 am
Industry: Healthcare is the leading online directory of drug and alcohol treatment facilities. This free public benefit service website offers the largest and most comprehensive directory available of drug and alcohol rehab centers and treatment professionals. is not directly affiliated with any of the facilities listed. This helps to insure users that the information offered is unbiased and straightforward. Not only does the site offer an all-inclusive directory it also provides details about treatment options, resources and even an assessment that can help determine care needs. This website is an exceptional tool for anyone interested in learning about or selecting an alcohol treatment center or treatment professional.

May, 2010 –, the largest online directory of drug and alcohol treatment facilities and professionals, is the go to place for anyone seeking information about treatment and rehab options. The free service offered by the site can be the salvation needed during a drug or alcohol crisis situation. This company understands that when the decision is made to seek help from a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center there is only a small window of opportunity that exists. The reality is that if appropriate care cannot be found quickly that window of opportunity may be gone. not only has a complete listing of facilities, it also includes a Help Line, a free assessment, and a smorgasbord of information related to various types of addictions and treatment options.

Finding and selecting a center that provides an alcohol treatment program that is agreeable to the potential client is vital to a successful recovery. Countless studies have shown that the more comfortable a client is with a rehab facility, the treatment program and event the treatment professionals, the more likely he or she is to ‘buy into’ the treatment. Obviously, if a client is not comfortable or does not approve of the alcohol rehabilitation methods or approach used by an alcohol treatment center he or she is less likely to ‘work’ the program. This demonstrates just how important it is that potential clients or those helping them learn all they can before selecting a rehab center.

The directory at offers a brief overview of each alcohol rehabilitation center listed. This overview provides enough information for users to determine if further investigation of the facility is warranted. Contact information for each center listed is included. Because the website is not directly affiliated with any drug or Alcohol Treatment center, the information offered about treatment options and the facilities is unbiased.

The information offered at can ease the stress and frustration for anyone in need of a treatment facility or details about various issues related to addictions and treatment options. The Help Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The line is attended by a team of professional counselors that are at the ready to provide guidance and assistance. The site provides a confidential online assessment that can be completed from the comfort of one’s home.

While was established to help individuals in need of quality alcohol treatment, the truth is that there are some advantages to the facilities listed in the directory. Because this directory leads the industry in providing a comprehensive approach to assisting users of the site, a listing there can provide a marketing edge for treatment centers. Essentially, this site has the power to provide huge link value which helps alcohol treatment facilities gain traffic.

Contact Details: has found a way to help anyone seeking drug and or alcohol treatment. Additionally, the comprehensive directory assists each Alcohol Rehabilitation Center listed to gain traffic. The reality is that has become the leading online listing of drug and alcohol treatment centers. The popularity of the site continues to grow as the information, listings, and resources offered there grows. The reality is that has found a way to make a dire situation less stressful. Visiting the site makes choosing the right Alcohol Treatment Center easier. If you or a someone you know is in need of help, call 1-877-335-4673

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