Washington Drug Rehab Helps Families Get Their Loved Ones Back



Released on: June 18, 2010, 4:22 am
Author: Leland Michaels
Industry: Healthcare

Watching a loved one struggle with drug addiction can pull apart a family. Family members worry about the addict, often fighting amongst themselves about how to best help him, and the addict often treats his family poorly. The best option for families dealing with an addict is to find a Washington drug rehab facility through Drug-Rehab.org. The non-profit, drug and alcohol rehab referral service will match the addict with the right WA drug treatment facility for his needs and budget. The organization has placement counselors on call with a comprehensive list of drug rehab WA facilities, to help families find help for the addict in their midst and be whole as a family once again.

June 2010 – The DrugRehab.org drug and alcohol rehab referral service has a database of more than 3,000 facilities across the country, and Washington is well represented. Methamphetamine and marijuana abuse are serious problems in the state, which will lose an estimated 400 residents this year alone to drug abuse. And, an estimated 38,965 residents will be arrested on drug charges this year. Drug treatment Washington centers also deal with the increasing number of alcoholics in the state. An estimated 1,790 will die this year in alcohol-related deaths, and an estimated 29,545 will be arrested for DUI. Whatever the addiction, Drug-Rehab.org will help family members find the right Washington drug rehab and alcohol rehab facility.

Families that are ready to help a loved one find a drug rehab WA facility can begin the process by going to Drug-Rehab.org today. There, they will find articles on everything from “The Top 5 Reasons Interventions Fail” and “8 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Residential Rehab” to detailed definitions of various addictions, including methamphetamine and marijuana. They also will find success stories from family members who have been exactly where they are now, such as this one from a mother who called Drug-Rehab.org desperately looking for a drug treatment Washington facility:

“When my son, Byron, started stumbling in from school and even from work, it was obvious he was “on” something. Desperate, I called the drug-rehab.org Call Center. Within hours, one of their treatment facilities was ready for Byron. He has now been 'clean' for three years and is in college.”

There are many success stories on the website, allowing family members to not feel alone in their struggles with an addicted loved one. They often provide the final push family members need to begin the process of finding a Washington Drug Rehab facility for their loved one suffering from addiction.

Once family members are ready to speak with a Drug-Rehab.org placement counselor about available drug treatment in Washington, they simply call 877-899-7086 or fill out the callback form on the website to request a counselor call them at a convenient time.

The non-profit referral service has connected thousands of addicts with the best Drug Rehab WA has to offer. Author Leland Michaels has visited many of the city's treatment facilities and has talked with clients about their struggles and successes. Michaels has a master's degree in psychology, which helps him write with more authority about the Drug Treatment Washington has to offer. When he meets addicts in need of treatment, he always refers them to Drug-Rehab.org so that they too make take advantage of the organization's services http://www.drug-rehab.org/Washington.html



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