Search Engine Bing's Increased Market Share Hailed As Catalyst For Innovation By Search Engine Marketing Experts



Released on: July 15, 2010, 05:09 am
Author: QueryCLick LTD
Industry: Internet & Online

After a year online, Microsoft's search engine Bing has successfully asserted itself as a real industry competitor by securing 12.7% of the search market share in just 12 months.

While Google and Yahoo retain 62.6% and 18.9% of the market respectively, Bing's achievements are thought to have found a resonance with web users through its 'consumer friendly approach' and 'type less, do more' strap line.

Microsoft's mobile web strategy has also added to Bing's success with an iPhone widget being downloaded by some 4.3 million US users in the past six months alone.

Search engine marketing experts QueryClick praised Bing's successes in such a highly competitive industry.

A spokesperson for the company said:

“When you think about web search there's one big player and that's Google. For years, Google have held sway over the market without much competition but this could all be about to change.

“Microsoft have invested a significant amount of money into positioning Bing as a recognised search engine and will continue to do so. In a bid to offer web users a service that goes beyond that of Google and other rivals, Bing have had to push innovation to its limits and, in turn, Google needs to do its bit to stay one step ahead.”

Looking ahead to the next twelve months, Bing developers revealed that the service would move towards returning search results based on the user's location which would encourage more relevant suggestions; especially where shopping and travel are concerned.

Bing will also continue to invest in the look and feel of its site with continued emphasis on the 'decision engine' element which attempts to get users to the right result in as few clicks as possible.

Other added extras include car “specs” for auto-related search enquiries and authoritative Twitter updates on subjects like health which include answers on medical conditions.

SEO web design experts QueryClick explained how Bing's development work is fuelled by the ways in which web users access and digest information differently on screen:

“Certain methods of search find more of a resonance with some people than others.

“Bing's dedication to expanding the ways and means with which search information is returned is developed with these sorts of people in mind so not only are users shown results from a variety of different sources but also in a variety of different formats to suit everyone.”

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