Kitchen Remodeling To Increase Home Resale

Kitchen remodeling can come with a huge price tag. When homeowners are interested in increasing resale value, they need to budget carefully and make informed decisions. They can, however, get a big bang for the their buck.


Released on: November 02, 2010, 4:50 am
Industry: Construction

SEATTLE, WASH. (November 2, 2010) – Statistically, there are two areas that can can be redesigned or renovated in order to increase the sale value of home. These are bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. Even on a small budget and simple remodeling projects, there are investments that can be made to increase the return on house sale. The latest results from the National Association of Realtors estimated that over 72% of kitchen renovations can be recouped after a sale.

Unless working on a strict budget, the kitchen can be extremely expensive. Homeowners will want to redesign with a broad spectrum of buyers in mind within their price point and their locality. There are a couple ways to find out the current trends. A homeowner can visit a local home supply store and inquire about the most popular brands and sales in the area. They can also browse through design magazines to see what current trends are in cabinets, wall color, styles and accents.

When researching, homeowners should focus on kitchen remodeling ideas that fit well into the current community, rather than upgrading beyond the personality or value of the neighborhood. For instance, if the majority of the community is started homes, homeowners should not invest in granite counter tops, especially when there are many other more affordable options.

New appliances are generally the most expensive items when redesigning this area of the house. By putting in a little let work, homeowners can find appliances in excellent condition for a discounted price. They should look at “scratch and dent” stores and online.

Small and easy upgrades can also make a huge impact. These include a fresh coat of paint on the walls and cabinets or new cabinet doors. Light fixtures and hardware are also quick and easy fixes that make a big difference in the appearance of the home.  

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