Atkins diet support community Atkins All The way has opened and immediately created a large community following.

Released on = December 18, 2004, 8:42 am

Press Release Author = Atkins All The Way

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Press Release Summary = Atkins All The Way (AATW) was launched in September and already has a membership of over 400 users. Site staff is anxiously awaiting the new
years resolution crowd and plans on helping people follow through.

Press Release Body = December 18, 2004 - ( Atkins All
The Way was launched in September 2004 and has already reached a point that most communities wish to someday attain.

Site owner, Brian Zimmerman says, "Atkins All The Way was created to help everyone understand how Atkins is supposed to work. We offer support for the new dieter and
everyone on the site staff has been following the Atkins Nutritional Approach for at least 6 months, so they can truly speak from experience. We have several staff members assigned to certain areas of expertise including low-carb cooking, International Atkins, and each phase of the diet."

Not only does the staff know what they are talking about and practice what they preach, the members themselves help everyone out. "The membership as a whole is very
friendly and people are surprised that their introduction threads turn into massive 2-3 page welcome mats. I'm very proud of our membership in that they help without
demeaning new users, that is the main reason the community continues to grow at the pace that it does."

Misconceptions abound on the Internet and in other media outlets about the dangers of Atkins. Members of Atkins All The Way shrug it off and tell everyone to "read the book." By book, they mean the Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution, or DANDR as it's affectionately called. By browsing the site's gallery and a host of user's signatures in their posts, one can plainly see that members of Atkins All The Way are doing Atkins the right way, all the way.

Being that January 1st is just around the corner. AATW hopes to reach a new audience of people that have a resolution of losing weight, exercising more, or just plain eating right. "Many people don't succeed on diets because they are always hungry,
and they are depriving themselves of nutrients and feel weak. Thus, they give in to temptation and fall off the wagon. We feel that we can help people understand that Atkins isn't about depriving yourself, you actually eat more of what food experts
would call good food, and less of the junk because your hunger is always satisfied. You no longer become a slave to food"

Once a person sees what AATW is trying to do, Zimmerman assures, anyone can follow Atkins. "Diets are so hard to do alone. We provide that extra lift and help people realize that -Yes, you can eat vegetables, you can exercise, you can have a snack."
Most of the time, information like that hits a new dieter like a brick. Atkins All The Way is chock full of information like that and the site makes the Atkins Diet seem much easier to follow because you're doing it with hundreds of people at the same time.

More about AATW - Atkins All The Way is a not-for-profit online community that caters to the low-carb, and more specifically Atkins, dieter. The site offers a forum for support, a gallery of current success stories, articles written by members and other articles linked from other high profile sites that are
for and against low-carb diets. Other information includes recipes, downloads, low-carb links, and many experts offering insight on one of the most misunderstood diets. The site also offers an open-minded approach to Atkins in that it is known to be healthy in the long term and users believe that Atkins is a lifetime way of eating. Dedicated to debunking the myth that Atkins is a quick fix diet and a dying fad, the staff urges you to check out the site if you are interested in learning more about Atkins truths.

Atkins All The Way is not affiliated in any way with Atkins Nutritionals and does not represent itself as such. As with any diet, member of Atkins All The Way suggest you speak to your doctor before starting the plan to ensure that no pre-existing conditions are present.

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