launches new website that review online casinos for free chips, free bets and bonuses.

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Press Release Summary = launches new website that review online casino which offers free chips, free bets and welcome bonuses. Offers beginner's gambling guide to newbie a look on online gambling and for proffesional or veteran gamblers, betting strategies on poker, black jack, carribean 21, roulette, crap, slot machine, Keno, bingo, horse racing, sports betting.

Press Release Body = Choosing a casino.
It's best to try "beginner friendly" casinos for your first online gaming
experience. Any of the casinos listed on are a safe bet because they are regarded as customer focused, licensed casinos known for generous payouts and quick answers to any questions. There is no mystery to casino gambling, just check to discover which casinos offer the biggest payouts and the most free cash. As you gain experience gambling online, you may decide to try some high stakes casinos.

Play for real money.
All casinos accept a variety of deposit methods to fund your account. Now that it has become difficult to use your credit cards, and PayPal is no longer an option, you can use options such as NETeller, FirePay, Western Union, 900 Pay or a bank wire transfer.

Claim your welcome bonus.
As a welcome offer to new players, many online casinos give a cash bonus on your first deposit. While it shouldn't be your sole decision when choosing where to play, it's nice to try out different games with these bonuses. You always have to wager a certain amount of chips before making a cash withdrawal. (This prevents abusers from
putting in money and taking it out along with the extra bonus money without actually playing. After all, fair gaming should work both ways!

Poker Strategy
Online Poker holds a unique spot in the world of online casino games: it could be your best shot to earn money in the online casino or it could be an exercise in humiliation. What is the best poker strategy? Online poker is complex. It's complex, not because of its rules, but because of its variables: human behavior and ever-changing odds. There's no doubt that luck plays a major role in short term poker success but over the long run, poker is certainly a game of skill. Like any classic game of skill, poker demands study and practice from those who want to achieve mastery.

Keno Strategy
Well, there really isn't much to be said about strategy when it comes to the game of keno. Being a game of pure luck, the numbers you pick don't play a role in whether you win or lose, but as in any casino game, there are of course things you can do to make for a better game. Wagering more than you can afford is a risky business but
one that's quite popular among gamblers at the casinos. Before I start explaining what keno strategy actually entails, you need to know that there isn't any strategy that will significantly increase your chances of winning. Having said that, you should wear your lucky shoes or bring your lucky pendant, because luck is the only thing that can make a difference.

For more detail strategies, trick and tips on poker, black jack, carribean 21, roulette, crap, slot machine, keno, bingo, horse racing, sports betting visit

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