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Released on = December 7, 2004, 7:34 am

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Press Release Summary = Free advice when shopping for digital cameras - what to look for and what to avoid.

Press Release Body = Knoxville, TN -- Computer and digital camera help website MalekTips ( today announced a free Holiday Digital Camera Buying Guide. As digital cameras are a popular holiday gift idea, this guide provides advice on what to look for when purchasing a digital camera, and what to

When purchasing a new digital camera over the holidays, consider the following advice:

Set a budget before buying a digital camera, and be sure to factor accessories into your budget. Don't 'break the bank' in buying a gift for yourself, a family member, or friend. You'll need to save money for batteries, memory, a cleaning kit, a printer to make hard copies of your photos, and other equipment to make your digital
photography more enjoyable.

Although many salespeople would disagree, completely ignore advertised digital zoom specifications. Digital zooming performs an interpolation, or computer-based 'guesswork', of an image to try to increase the perceived zoom distance. These can result in 'fuzzy' images, especially if you blow them up into 8x10 or larger photos.
However, optical zoom provides for a true zoom-in or zoom-out on your subject.

Be careful of cheap prices and package deals. While you should consider purchasing a digital camera online using a comparative shopping search engine, don't always go for the cheapest price. Some dealers may aggressively try to sell you 'package deals' to bump up their commissions, and these may not include items you want or need.

The MalekTips Holiday Digital Camera Buying Guide is available at, and other digital camera purchasing advice can be found at

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