Released on = December 22, 2004, 11:08 am

Press Release Author = Pascal D'Sanchez

Industry = Advertising

Press Release Summary = If you want to get your sales message across but don't know where to start then contact me, I can help you! By showing you how to double, maybe triple the response from your mailings - expanding your market!

Press Release Body = As a freelance copywriter, I produce copy for press advertising, brochures and direct mail.

It is copy that pulls no punches and minces no words. Along with creative concepts that don’t go half way around the garden to make a point..

In short it is the kind of copy, which makes sales.

Now the free bit.

When you commission me to handle your work, you receive a hard and fast quote for the job. What you agree is what you pay.

But in the unlikely event that you don’t like what I do, and don’t use what I do there’s no charge. We call it even.

Either way the risk is all mine.

On these terms perhaps you’d care to brief me on a current project. Or maybe just call me for an exploratory chat.

I am available at any time. All you have to do is call.

Web Site = http://

Contact Details = [Ends] For further enquiries contact Pascal D'Sanchez on 01903 620



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