Merrill Capital Announces Mortgage-financing for Buying a house to consumers with bad credit.

Released on = December 22, 2004, 1:50 pm

Press Release Author = K M Cash / Merrill Capital

Industry = Real Estate

Press Release Summary = Buying a Home for consumers with bad credit can be difficult, but now there is a source to finance a mortgage of the purchase of a new home in central Alabama.

Press Release Body = Birmingham, Alabama (December 26,2004) Merrill Capital can now offer home buying consumers with bad credit a new options to buy a home.

In association with several builders and lenders, Merrill can offer consumers that have problem or bad credit a way to purchase a new custom built home on their choice of land in the central Alabama area.

Our focus is to help you buy a home. Why rent when you can buy a house. We build a home on your choice of land. Home buying can sometimes be difficult if you have problem credit. Not to worry, we can help you buy a house with bad credit. Bad Credit mortgage loans are OK! for purchasing a home with us.

The benefits of buying a systems-built home
The construction allows the home you purchase to be completed, on average, in about 8-10 weeks. Your house site-land work can be completed while your home is simultaneously built in the facility. Generally you can move in 2-6 weeks after the home is placed on its foundation.

The House you purchase options will include hundreds of home floor plan combinations in ranch house, one-story home, 1 ½ story (cape cod) house, and two-story home designs. In addition to the many home plans offered, Our Homes will have a wide range of optional designs to complement your house floor plan. A staff of home building engineers are available to customize your home to meet your family's needs.

Additional information

About Merrill Capital

Merrill Capital, LLC, a one source for buying a home, or land or bad credit loan financing of real estate, in partnership with mulitple lenders and builders, Our homes are the finest of system built housing on the market. We offer customers the opportunity to own a home instead of renting a house. Many home styles to choose from.

Merrill Capital, is also a nationwide diversified funding company that buys a variety of income streams, helps individuals and companies receive the cash they need by purchasing all or part of their future payment streams.

We buy virtually any type of real estate secured transaction, offering top dollar for the following Residential Real Estate Notes, Commercial Real Estate Notes, Land-Only Notes, Land Contracts, Loan Portfolios, Mobile Home & Land, Structured Settlements, Accounts Receivables, Retail Installments, Medical Receivables and Inheritances

Other offerings include portfolio purchasing program for real estate investors, land developers, builders, mobile home lot developers, condominium developers, property rehabbers, financial institutions and many more.

Additional information about Merrill Capital can be found at

Contact: Marketing
Merrill Capital llc
512 Crosscreek Trail
Birmingham, AL 35124
(205) 621-2477

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Contact Details = Contact: Marketing
Merrill Capital llc
512 Crosscreek Trail
Birmingham, AL 35124
(205) 621-2477


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