Oyster development of the Map of Medicine™ helps secure significant NHS contract


Released on = December 13, 2004, 3:33 am

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Press Release Summary = 13 million people to benefit from improved clinical practice

Press Release Body = Oyster Partners’ development of the Map of Medicine ™ has enabled the owner, Medic-to-Medic to secure its first NHS local service provider, Fujitsu Services. The contract is signed under the National Programme for IT, the NHS’s ten-year upgrade of IT systems in England. Oyster Partners developed the supporting infrastructure for the secure web-accessed knowledge support tool. The Map of Medicine (The Map) will be available to clinical staff within the NHS in an
area stretching from Cornwall to Kent.

Up to 13 million people across the south of England could benefit from the Map of Medicine™. ‘The Map’ is an innovative web-based clinical knowledge system that makes the vast resources of medical information locked within the NHS instantly usable by all clinical staff.

According to Dr Mike Stein, Medical Director at University College London subsidiary Medic-to-Medic: “We have a long-standing and close relationship with Oyster Partners. An extremely innovative and creative company, they have taken a highly complex technical area and helped us to develop the platform underpinning the Map of Medicine to the scale required by the NHS and its supporting services.”

The Map is designed to support interaction across disciplines: improving the use of clinical resources. The clinical knowledge is organised into more than 300 patient ‘journeys’ that ‘map’ clinical process throughout the healthcare system, starting
from initial patient presentation in the GP surgery or the accident and emergency unit. Whilst reflecting the NHS brand identity, Oyster designed a consistent interface for The Map. Oyster also helped to redesign the Map to be delivered
dynamically from a content management system: enabling The Map to be up-dated by a widely distributed team of editors.

“Our focus on the user experience has been the starting point,” says Nat Billington, Client Partner at Oyster Partners. “With so much information to make available to a wide array of non-technical clinicians, it was vital that we enabled users to access
the information in the Map with minimal training. Clinical governance was a key selection criterion when the NHS selected the Map and allowing controlled changes from across the NHS is essential. The Map can be customised to local clinical needs
in the NHS or any healthcare organisation and it can be integrated into every aspect of modern healthcare.”

A GP Pilot study conducted by the Royal Free in 13 general practises, demonstrates that doctors use the Map to support their decision-making, often after morning surgery. Two thirds of them now use the Map on a regular basis and work in A&E shows that the Map is improving admissions to hospital.

The Map will also link to other knowledge services, the first of which is the National Library for Health, the NHS’s central clinical information resource. This delivers immediate access to relevant research, obviating the need for a lengthy internet search.


Editor’s notes

The Map of Medicine
The brainchild of consultant physician Dr Owen Epstein and involving more than 300 doctors and nurses over four years, the Map is the result of a partnership between Medic-to-Medic, the Royal Free and University College Medical School, the Royal Free
Hampstead NHS Trust and the NHS National Library for Health.

Content covers all major diagnostic areas including accident and emergency, internal medicine, surgery, paediatrics, obstetrics, gynaecology, oncology and palliative care.

About Oyster Partners

Founded in 1992, Oyster Partners specialises in the development of interactive channels and customer communications programmes at all digital touch-points. The
team design and develop innovative interactive experiences that meet business objectives and provide strategic marketing communications planning and creative delivery to drive customer value and insight.

Oyster Partners work direct with their clients to maximise ROI via interactive channels; and with their client’s above and below the line agencies to integrate communications planning for maximum business benefit.

A current list of Oyster Partners’ clients is available online.



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