Recent Incidents Concerning Use of taser Guns

Released on = December 25, 2004, 10:10 pm

Press Release Author = V. Irvinf L./Hospitality Vendors

Industry = Defense

Press Release Summary = We are attempting to enlighten the public about the use of energy weapons (taser guns, stun guns)

Press Release Body = FOCUS OF THIS PRESS RELEASE: Media coverage of incidents involving the use of Energy Weapons in law enforcement and self-defense have not slowed the popularity in sales of Taser Guns and Stun Guns in the Greater Metro area. Rising crime rates in the area and increasingly strained police forces have fostered the spread of a self-defense mentality. As a result of media coverage, citizens are more aware of the efficacy and utility of these weapons. The security and self-defense fields continue to grow as citizens feel the need to be protected.
Citizens seek to arm themselves with legal and easy to use defensive weapons. Taser Guns, Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays, and Tear Gas sales are increasing. COMPANY PROFILE: We are a security, surveillance and self-defense products supplier
and a national point of reference regarding the safe purchase and use of Energy Weapons, generally known as Taser and Stun Guns. We are authorized vendors for local law enforcement and business security groups. As a national Internet-based and mail order Police and Self-Defense Equipment Supplier, our clients are police
departments, schools, colleges and universities, hotels and mass event venues, trade shows and conventions, senior residential facilities, condominium associations, hospitals, day care centers, and manufacturing plants.

COMPANY MISSION: We make your lives safer and mark a line in the sand against today's climate of uncertainty and terror. Our self-defense products are of great interest to students, singles, senior citizens, and staff leaving a campus late. Hospitality Vendors has a full catalog available on the internet at our website store featuring police and security equipment appropriate for crowd and riot
control, as well as private civilian use, to meet security and self-defense needs. We will continue to meet public interest and educate the media with factual
performance specific information.

GENERAL CONTACT INFORMATION: Name: DefenseFromTerror.Com Telephone: 1 (216) 527-2709 E-Mail Address: Website Address:
ENERGY WEAPONS AS DEFENSIVE TOOLS NEW Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) Technology There are two categories of energy weapons: Stun weapons and EMD weapons. STUN WEAPONS: Traditional stun technology operates in a 7-14 Watt range and interferes with communication signals of the nervous system of the target. Stun guns mainly target the sensory nervous system. Like static on the communication lines between the brain and the body, stun systems interfere with the human command and control
systems. However, a small percentage of people with a very high tolerance for electrical stimulation can fight through the effect of these 7-14 Watt systems. EMD WEAPONS: EMD weapons use a more powerful 18 to 26 Watt electrical signal to completely override the central nervous system and directly control the skeletal muscles. This EMD effect causes an uncontrollable contraction of the muscle tissue, allowing the M-Series to physically debilitate a target regardless of pain tolerance or mental foc us.

The AIR TASER 34000 series is a stun weapon using the same settings used by law enforcement for over 20 years. The ADVANCED TASER M-Series are EMD weapons -- specifically designed to stop even the most elite, aggressive, focused combatants.
Rather than simply interfering with communication between the brain and muscles, the

ADVANCED TAZER EMD systems directly tell the muscles what to do: contract until the target is in the fetal position on the ground. The ADVANCED TAZER provides for maximum safety for both the officer and the subject by bringing dangerous situations
quickly under control before force escalates to lethal levels.

The new ADVANCED TASER M-18 series has almost 100% effectiveness rating. It combines the injury reducing benefits of traditional stun technology with a quantum leap in stopping
power via new Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology. In police studies, the new Advanced Tazer has a higher instant incapacitation rate than a 9mm hand gun. The Advanced
Tazer shoots out 2 darts attached to 15 feet of wire. 50,000 volts travels over the wires and over-rides the central nervous system providing incredible takedown
HOW DOES AN AIR TASER WORK? Upon firing, compressed nitrogen projects two AIR TASER probes 15 feet at a speed of 135 feet per second. An electrical signal transmits throughout the region where the probes make contact with the body or clothing. The result is an instant loss of the attacker’’s neuromuscular control and any ability
to perform coordinated action. AIR TASER uses an automatic timing mechanism to apply the electric charge. The TASER releases an electric current in a pre-set time sequence (an initial seven seconds followed by several 1.8 second breaks for a total time of about 30 seconds in each cycle). This cycle ensures that the nervous system
of the target does not recover instantly to allow him to remove the probes. The follow-on bursts disrupt the process of re-equilibration of the nervous system. While the target is disabled, the user can place the device on the ground and

HOW CAN THE AIR TASER BE SO EFFECTIVE YET NON-INJURIOUS? The AIR TASER does not depend upon impact or body penetration to achieve its effect. Its pulsating electrical output interferes with communication between the brain and the muscular system, resulting in loss of control. However, the AIR TASER is non-destructive to nerves, muscles and other body elements. It simply affects them in their natural mode. No deaths have ever been directly attributed to the TASER.

WHAT HAS TESTING REVEALED REGARDING THE AIR TASER? Anesthesiologist and specialist in medical electronics, Dr. Frank Summers, MD of St. Joseph’’s Hospital, Orange, California, directed tests of volunteers at St. Joseph’’s in 1971 and 1974. Dr. Summers stated, "...We undertook this [volunteer test] in the operating rooms at St. Joseph’’s Hospital. We had an assembly of cardiovascular surgeons, cardiologists... we had a real [TASER]. We tested extensively and made movies. The tests were
impressive. We monitored all parameters of physiology, including
electrocardiographs. The tests did not produce any lethal effects and we found that the background work that had been done did indeed pan out in practice."

DOES THE TASER AFFECT THE HEART OR A PACEMAKER? The AIR TASER’s output is well below the level established as "safe" by the federal government in approving such devices as the electrified cattle fence. In a medical study of the Model XR 5000ÔÔ
electronic stun gun, Dr. Robert Stratbucker Nebraska University Medical Center confirms that the T-Wave does not interrupt the heartbeat or damage a pacemaker. A modern pacemaker is designed to withstand electrical defibrillator pulses that are
hundreds of times stronger than the AIR TASER’’s output. The AIR TASER current of 0.3 joules is well below the 10-50 joule threshold above which cardiac ventricular fibrillation can occur. High voltage, in itself, is not dangerous. One can receive a 25,000-volt shock of static electricity from a doorknob on a dry day without harm.
The physiological effect of electrical shock is determined by: the current, its duration, and the power source that produces the shock. The typical household current of 110 volts is dangerous because it can pump many amperes of current throughout the body indefinitely. The AIR TASER power supply consists of an alkaline 9-Volt battery capable of supplying less than 3 watts of electrical power for a few minutes.

WILL THE TASER CAUSE ELECTROCUTION? No. The output is metered by the electronics and the electrical energy in each pulse is always the same, regardless of the target condition. The electrical output will not be transferred from one person to another
even if they touch. AIR TASER, Inc.’s president has been stunned by an AIR TASER while standing in water to emphasize this point.
WHAT ARE THE AFTEREFFECTS? A person hit with an AIR TASER will feel dazed for several minutes. The pulsating electrical output causes involuntary muscle contractions and a resulting sense of vertigo. It can momentarily stun or render an attacker unconscious. AIR TASER’’s low electrical amperage and short duration of
pulsating current, ensures a non-lethal charge. It does not cause permanent damage or long-term effects to muscles, nerves or other body functions. A January 1987 Annals of Emergency Medicine study reported TASER technology leaves no long term injuries compared with 50% long term injuries for gun shot injuries.

MUST THE PROBES PENETRATE THE BODY TO BE EFFECTIVE? No. The electrical current will"jump" up to two inches as long as both probes are attached to clothing or skin. At most, only the 3/8-inch needlepoint will penetrate the skin. They have less energy than a spring propelled BB.

WHAT IF THE PROBES MISS? The Air Taser can be used in a touch-stun mode. The user is thus provided with a final backup if the probes miss the target. Should the user miss or engage a second attacker, he can touch the unit directly to the target and
it will work like a powerful touch-stun device.

WHAT IS THE BEST-SHOT AT MAXIMUM RANGE? As long as the spread of the probes is at least 6", the AIR TASER will be extremely effective. To ensure that the spread is
greater than 6", the AIR TASER should be fired at a target several feet away. The optimum shot is from seven to ten feet away from the target to achieve maximum effect. At seven to ten feet away - the spread of the probes will be approximately 16", ensuring that the target receives the most efficient T-Wave flow.

DOES TEMPERATURE HAVE A DETRIMENTAL EFFECT ON THE AIR TASER? No. The AIR TASER utilizes compressed nitrogen (an inert gas). The AIR TASER compressed air capsules have successfully held their charges at temperatures of minus 20ºº F and up to 160ºº
F. Moreover, altitude will not adversely effect the firing of an AIR TASER. In addition, the temperature will not affect the T-Wave. However, as with any product containing polycarbonates and other thermoplastics, the AIR TASER and Air Cartridges should never be left in direct sunlight.

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