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Released on = December 12, 2004, 7:27 pm

Press Release Author = Dan / info vilesilencer

Industry = Internet & Online

Press Release Summary = info vilesilencer, the home of the free directory list, announces the release of the webmaster resources and search engine optimisation information portal.

Press Release Body = info vilesilencer has decided to release some of the most valuable webmaster and SEO resources to assist other designers in promoting their websites and businesses. These free tools are designed to give webmaster's the edge when optimising and promoting their websites, all in an easy-to-use interface.

Recently the recipient of the SitePro News 'Site of the Day' and part of SitePro's 'most valuable web resources' the information contained on info vilesilencer is not to be missed. The site includes:

- A comprehensive list of over 300 web directories which are all completely free to submit your websites to. That's 300+ one-way links pointing directly to your site. Categorised both Alphabetically and via Page Rank, it is the largest list of it's
kind and is regularly updated and maintained to removed dead/broken links and add new ones. You simply will not find a better list of directories on the web anywhere.

- Supplementary lists of reciprocal and specialised niche directories, for those that want to submit to industry and regional specific directories and get involved in communities and link exchanges.

- A User Agent List complete with IP addresses that identifies all the bots, crawlers, and spiders that trawl the web indexing websites. Unsure of what a bot is that just appeared in your logs? Info Vilesilencer's list will answer your question.

- A host of links to other powerful and free SEO resources, such as in-depth pagerank explanations, SEO forums, link exchanges, and Web design & development information.

If you are looking to promote and market your site on the web, start with info vilesilencer. All the resources are free and will get your websites and business off to a flying start.

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Contact Details = Dan Jen

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