The Future's Bright And Brightly Coloured For Crocs



Released on: February 10, 2011, 7:04 am
Author: Nigel Linton
Industry: Retail

With the anticipated launch of their latest collection of light and flexible footwear called ‘Light on Your Feet’ the first of four amazing new ranges, due to be released anytime, Crocs are well and truly back on the radar and are taking us in a whole new direction. For a start these unisex designs will include a lot more cushioning and are a lot lighter than your typical running shoe.

The new collection is rumoured to have more appeal to the fashion-conscious among us and the first to be launched is aimed in particular at an altogether younger audience. The new additions to the existing Crocs range are a totally new range of Crocs sneakers that will be available in four gorgeous colour-ways, black/white, navy/white, true red/white and white pearl/white and in two new styles, a lace-up called the Hover and the Bowen. Exciting stuff!

The success of Crocs, from the highs when they first began in 2002 with their injection of fun and colour to these holey and easy-to-wear shoes to the lows some years later when the market was literally flooded with cheaper copy-cat knock-off styles that pushed Crocs out of the way for a while, and then back to recent years when Crocs have been doing some very interesting things with their resin footwear that has once again had people sitting up and taking notice.

Crocs have long been associated with fun and colour but people don’t always see the other fantastic attributes that these shoes can also offer, they are light-weight (which can be really refreshing after a hard day in work shoes) they’re odour-resistant (again, a great quality in a pair of shoes), they don’t mark easily and they are soft and flexible so they’re perfect for all kinds of jobs, inside or out. Their comfort is also worth mentioning since Crocs really do massage your feet when you wear them, those well-placed nubs on the foot bed are so welcome and really do a great job to help you relax at the end of the day, or during the day if you wear these shoes to go about your daily job or whilst at home.

By bringing out four new collection this year, Crocs have clearly taken a good look at what the consumer wants from a pair of shoes and what they can provide in their unique styled footwear that keeps the spirit of Crocs alive but pushes the boundaries of what people think Crocs can achieve. Their new collections are aimed more at giving a more secure fit for children of all ages whilst providing more detail for older children and more appealing styles for teenagers. Crocs are winning back credibility and giving us some of their most fabulous styles yet.

Not only is Crocs focussing on the younger customer, they have been busy working on a range for helping to tone those legs and bums called Crocs Tones that are sure to give the other sports fitness footwear brands a run for their money since this fantastic collection (already in the shops) are as comfortable – if not more so – than anything the competition has to offer.

This is going to be a good year for Crocs, it has started off well and the company has also been mentioned in financial articles where it is expected to turn a profit this year, a real turnaround since they were well and truly in the red this time last year. So, thought to self – keep an eye out for the latest collections to be revealed, including the fantastic Crocs Tones,and in the meantime, why not cast your eye over what delights Crocs are currently offering and you’ll be most pleasantly surprised.

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