Celebrating Their Continued Commitment to Sustainable Business Operations



Released on: April 28, 2011, 10:35 am
Author: Bozboz Ltd
Industry: Retail, the UK’s leading provider of pet products, dog toys, pet food and many more is pleased to be celebrating its continued commitment to green, sustainable and carbon neutral business operations. The company has been one of the first to take up an eco-friendly business model and has taken numerous steps to ensure they have a low carbon impact. In the last few years they have switched to renewable energy and low energy lighting solutions. The company is pleased to announce that in 2010 they managed to recycle 75% of their waste materials and introduced an Eco-bag to encourage their customers to do the same.

Going green has become a buzz word for many companies in the last 5 years due to increased pressure from governments, scientists and consumers. Yet surprisingly businesses have been incredibly slow to act on this increased pressure; despite the large savings that can be potentially made.

The combined energy bill for small businesses in the UK was over 3.5 billion pounds in 2010 and this figure is expected to rise rather than fall in 2011. 40% of businesses have not investigated better deals from energy suppliers despite potential cost benefits.

Taking energy alone it is estimated that the average small business could save over£7000 per year if they improved their energy efficiency. Offices can cut their annual energy bills by 20% just by turning off lights and computer screens during non-work hours. Poor maintenance of boilers and heating systems costs businesses an extra 30% a year on their energy bills.

Despite the myriad of savings opportunities the green agenda has been slow to catch on. Many companies seem to view carbon footprints not as an opportunity for better business practice but as a burden. Yet simple steps and careful monitoring of energy outputs are both affordable and incredibly cost effective. In these financially testing times perhaps it is time businesses stepped up to the green plate, not just out of duty to the world but out of a sense of financial responsibility to their company. is pleased to be leading in the green initiative and if you would like to find out more about the company and its commitment to a sustainable future please see

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