Dealer Turns Red Light To Green For Declined Car Buyers



Released on: July 11, 2011, 7:58 am
Author: ACF Car Finance
Industry: Automotive

Customers who aren't accepted for car finance at point-of-sale can still act as goodwill ambassadors for the car dealer forced to turn them away.

That's the view of ACF Car Finance Limited which has just launched a new guide to its introducer programme, providing information for used car retailers and finance intermediaries who increasingly have to disappoint would-be buyers.

Ever-tightening criteria by mainstream car finance providers, says the company, means that more and more customers are being declined.

But by referring their declines to a specialist non-prime motor retailer, says ACF Car Finance, dealers can at least hold out the hope of a successful resolution to the customer's car quest.

And a happy ending will ensure not just goodwill, but also a prompt commission payout which currently averages £300 per sale.

Rhian Roberts, Business Development Manager of ACF Car Finance, says that the company's growing number of referrers range from small independent dealers to major car retail groups.

Each is provided with full product and systems training, plus the services of a Business Development Manager who gives guidance and support to help clients operate the referral programme and their own marketing activities.

ACF Car Finance owns a national network of car dealerships which supplies vehicles directly to customers who may have had difficulty in acquiring finance elsewhere.

Its parent company, The Funding Corporation, was this year named as the UK's most responsible lender when it won the category accolade in the Credit Today 2011 Awards.

According to Rhian, that obligation of responsibility is extended not just to consumers, but also to the partners with whom the company works:

"When we recently canvassed feedback from the dealers and finance firms who refer to us, the most common theme was the confidence they had in their relationship with us.

"We have an independent department dedicated to businesses which introduce us, and provide regular reports on the progress of each customer's application through to sale.

"They also have the assurance that all of our sales personnel are fully trained and SAF (Specialist Automotive Finance) accredited in providing explanations to customers about the technicalities of motor finance.

"These days, earning a good salary is no barrier to someone being classified as high risk - but by teaming with us, dealers can at least point in the direction of a possible solution," said Rhian.

Some of the comments provided by the company's partners are contained in the newly published introducer document from ACF Car Finance.

For a copy of the brochure, call Rhian Roberts on 079784 328 193 or email The company's public website can also be viewed at


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