XpresSmile's New Name is ExpresShine: New Brand Reflects Expansion Into National and Global Markets



Released on: July 13, 2011, 1:19 pm
Author: Andrew Armstrong / KickStart Search
Industry: Consumer Services

San Jose, Calif. – XpresSmile has announced it has a new name: ExpresShine. The new name is the result of explosive growth into new markets, both national and global.

"XpresSmile has long been synonymous with brighter smiles and whiter teeth, but with more and more people looking for solutions to improve their appearance it made sense to offer our services to a broader audience," said Kelly Lanspa, President of ExpresShine. "We have looked at areas that lack quality choices for teeth whitening and decided to make our products available to these markets. In addition, our new name is also much easier for people to remember."

ExpresShine is the leading teeth-whitening vendor for Dentists, Salons, and Spas. ExpresShine offers only Dental grade products that are FDA approved. ExpresShine is experiencing explosive growth in the Dental markets and Salons and teeth whitening spas. ExpresShine is also consistently recognized by dental professional for our FDA approved materials and high quality. ExpresShine continues XpresSmile's commitment to quality and customers service and will be introducing new products and services to support our customers and prospects. Please come visit ExpresShine and read our reviews on Facebook, if you are an XpresSmile customer, please come to ExpresShine's Facebook page and post your reviews there to help us update our page and let others hear about your experience.

ExpresShine is committed to Quality. ExpresShine only uses FDA approved vendors and supplies, made in the USA. ExpresShine is also now international and is growing world-wide; we are looking for new representatives interested in carrying our teeth whitening business and line of products. ExpresShine has a proven record of excellent customer service and training programs for customers.

ExpresShine teeth whitening kits come in glamorous, individually packaged kits that can be easily displayed in storefronts. Our whitening kits are superior to others on the market because the ingredients are concentrated. The gels are made fresh in California at a FDA certified dental lab. Hydrogen Peroxide gels are not easy to make and cheaper gels will break down and separate quickly. Making H202 gel is like crafting a fine wine. It takes the highest concentration of H202 (so the gel won't separate), a balanced PH, and water base for strong yet gentle whitening. In fact, it took our lab 7 months to create gels that have a shelf life of 18 months- the highest of any H202 gel on the market. Carbamide has this shelf life, but it doesn't whiten as well. Each kit includes a bib, teeth wipe, transparent, form fitting mouth tray or paint-on brush tip and cheek retractor and 12% or 16% hydrogen peroxide gel that is made in the USA in an FDA registered, CE certified dental alb. The kit also includes rubber gloves and vitamin E swabs to reduce gum sensitivity. The syringes and gels are made exclusively for ExpresShine and include photo activator and the rubber plunger is removed so there is no chance for gel contamination from corroded rubber.

About ExpresShine
ExpresShine is the leading vendor of cosmetic teeth whitening equipment and products in the US using FDA approved gels and materials in the Dental, Salon and Spa markets. ExpresShine is committed to quality and excellent customer support, and our customer service and training materials have been recognized as superior. ExpresShine is a member of the Council on Cosmetic Teeth Whitening (CCTW) and has your best interests in mind. ExpresShine is committed to our customer's success and we go the extra mile to help you.

Contact Details: ExpresShine, Inc.
San Jose, CA
Phone: 888-838-5193



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