Do You Know How School Prepares You For Success?


Released on: September 04, 2011, 11:40 am
Author: Sarah Meyers
Industry: Management

All activities that you engage in can be training fields for success. This includes school and all of the activities associated with it including class, extracurricular activities and sports.

The most important aspect of how school prepares you for success is that it teaches you how to learn. In elementary school you learned some of the most important skills of all how to read and write. If you can read and write you can get additional information from books and you can use powerful technologies such as computers and the internet. A person who knows how to read and write has the ability to learn for the rest of his or her life.

School also teaches you how to plan, if you can put together a report you can create a business plan. If you can plan you can organize and apply information.

Socialization and Emotional Intelligence
An equally important example of how school prepares you for success is socialization or emotional intelligence. You can learn how to get along with others, to live and work with them in school. School teaches you vital social skills such as networking and working within the group or organization. It also teaches you how to live and work with those whom you might not get along with.

Through sports and similar activities school teaches you how to strive for a goal and to work with others on a common goal. It also teaches you how to win and lose.

School Does Not End with Graduation
Successful people never actually leave school, they keep learning long after they graduate from the college or the high school. They keep reading, studying, investigating and experimenting. They are open to new ideas, new methods, new philosophies and new people. They learn from everybody and everything around them.

An important part of this learning is exposing oneself to new people through organizations such as the National Association for Professional Women or NAPW. Such groups allow a person keep learning after school and to keep in contact with other successful people.

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