co-operative Xest's New Range of Low Energy Radiators and Heated Blankets Ensure Comfort and Safety as Winter Approaches



Released on: September 14, 2011, 2:40 pm
Author: co-operative Xest
Industry: Healthcare

co-operative Xest’s New Range of Low Energy Radiators and Heated Blankets Ensure Comfort and Safety as Winter Approaches

co-operative Xest’s range of helpful home accessories and products to make everyday life easier has now expanded in time for the onset of winter, with low-energy heated blankets and radiators to keep people warm without the increased heating bills.

With the winter months fast approaching, household products retailer co-operative Xest has expanded its own range of heated blankets and radiators that are low-energy usage and perfect for frequent use without causing worry about heightened heating bills.

In the winter, many people feel the cold more than other months and it can lead to discomfort when trying to get to sleep or simply being in the home. There has been a reluctance to use some heating products in the past due to their increased energy use, which can make the winter one of the most expensive periods of the year.

The elderly, in particular, are often affected by the cold and it can lead to health complications if their homes are too cold.

Speaking about the new range of low-energy heated blankets and radiators, Andrea Dipple, marketing manager at Southern co-ops, said “One of the key concerns many of our customers have had is the additional cost incurred by using helpful items such as Luxury Heated Blankets.

“On particularly cold nights these items may need to be left on for many hours, leading to an increased electricity bill. With these new low-energy usage versions now available at co-operative Xest, it will surely prompt many more people to buy and enjoy a more comfortable and safer winter.”

The Intelliheat Luxury Heated Over Blankets, for example, have six intelligent temperature settings that adjust automatically to ensure maximum comfort when in bed, throughout the night.

co-operative Xest also sells a wide range of Mobility Aids and other products which can help around the home, all available to purchase online and with free delivery on orders over £30.


Notes to the Editors:

For more information, images and product samples please contact:
Lisa Axworthy 01730 711039
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About co-operative Xest
Co-operative Xest is a co-operative business; they can be trusted to do the right thing by customers, as customers ultimately own the business.

Co-operative Xest has a mission, they want to:

• Enable customers to live independent, dignified, more fulfilled and enriched lives.
• Change the way people shop for clever products that make life easier.

Co-operative Xest has pledged to do the following:

• Offer a 12 month buy and try guarantee.
• Provide clear and full information about their products including customer benefits.
• Use pictures that show you what the products are like in every day life.
• Provide products that offer great value for money.
• Keep the cost of delivery to a minimum.
• Provide rapid service.

The Southern Co-operative, the parent company of co-operative Xest, is an independent co-operative society founded in 1873, with over 3,000 employees, 70,000 members and over 150 outlets primarily in food retailing.

As a mutual business we believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others. Co-operative Xest offer a discreet easy living range with no compromise on design and quality.

Contact Details: Andrea Dipple, Managing Director
01730 711032



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