ACF Car Finance Gives Valeters A Chance To Shine



Released on: December 19, 2011, 12:36 pm
Author: Jane Whittle
Industry: Automotive

Valeting staff at a national used car dealership are being given the chance to buff up their CVs on a special training programme created by the company.

ACF Car Finance Limited says it believes that valeters deserve a higher status in the motor industry, and should be given more credit for their crucial role in the sales operation.

Now such staff will have the opportunity to shine by completing a formal skills training course in order to become accredited as an ACF Car Finance "car cosmetician".

The programme combines in-house learning with a two-day residential course tutored by valeting experts at the Letchworth headquarters of car care product leaders Autoglym.

According to Leyton Cooper, Divisional Group Buying Manager at ACF Car Finance, vehicle valeting is regarded by the company as a vitally important part of its business strategy:

"Our aim is to provide a buying experience for customers which is on a par with that provided by leading main dealers - and that includes preparing cars to motorshow standards of presentation.

"Achieving this state can take many hours for each vehicle, which is why all of our used car showrooms employ at least one full-time valeter with no other responsibilities.

"Their task is not just to bring cars up to a near-new appearance, but to remove every possible trace of previous ownership so that the vehicle appears as fresh as when it left the factory.

"Our valeters are provided with state of the art cleaning equipment, and the best possible cleaning and cosmetic products - but it's ultimately their skills which deliver the perfect result.

"That's why ACF Car Finance has decided to formalise its valet training procedure, and linked with an external skills provider who will also set a final examination of competence," said Leyton.

Successful completion of the new training programme, he commented, could also put the company's car valeters on the road to new career opportunities in the business:

"We have a very strong policy at ACF Car Finance of encouraging individual development, and many of our sales and management staff started out in more manual job roles.

"If someone shows evidence of a determination to succeed in any area of the business, we will encourage them to take their ambitions as far as possible," said Leyton.

The company, he added, had recently decided to move exclusively to Autoglym products after an exhaustive test and comparison of all leading car care preparations.

ACF Car Finance specialises in supplying used cars, via a national showroom network, to the growing number of people whose credit records affect their borrowing ability.


ACF Car Finance Limited ( is Britain’s leading supplier of high-quality used cars to people whose credit status might otherwise prevent them from obtaining car credit. ACF Car Finance has earned a strong reputation within the finance and motor industry for its standards of customer care, and the quality of the friendly, professional advice provided by members of its fully-trained team.

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